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Barbados Local Information

Find all types of Barbados local information, with our 200 plus pages of facts and figures about the island.

Barbados is an island of reverence and wonder to many people around the world.

It is one of the top hot spots for the rich and famous and has one of the best education systems in the Caribbean with a literacy rate of almost 100%.

Barbados receives lots of press coverage and is constantly in the news.

It became one of the richest Caribbean islands when the British inhabited the island in the 16th century to farm sugar, cotton and tobacco.

After the boom of the sugar industry Barbados became independent from the British in 1966 and is now a thriving tourist hub with people visiting from all over the world.

It is the most developed Caribbean island.

This means that holiday makers are able to enjoy breathtaking natural surroundings such as the white beaches and warm azure sea, and have hundreds of top quality restaurants, shops, bars and clubs to choose from.


Barbados is situated in the Caribbean above South America, opposite Venezuala and Guyana.

Find out more information about Barbados' geography here.


Barbados' history is entwined with Africa and Britain and today's Barbadians marry these two cultures into a vibrant, yet traditional melting pot. Learn more about the history of Barbados here.


Barbados offers national healthcare to all of its residents. Find out more about the Barbados healthcare system here.

Facts about Barbados

Facts of Barbados are sure to interest and delight. For some racy fast facts about Barbados go to: Fast Facts

Barbados Weather

Perhaps one of the reasons for the popularity of Barbados with holiday makers is the weather. It is gloriously sunny with gentle breezes almost all year round. Find out more about the weather in Barbados here.

Barbados Culture

Barbadians are vibrant people who love to socialise. Find out all about Barbadian culture here: Culture

Barbados People

You can learn about the many people who have made Barbados proud by their many accomplishments in our Meet a Bajan section. We took to the road and interviewed some of the most talented and influencial people on the island. Go to Meet a Bajan to read more.

Barbados Maps

There is a good road system in Barbados; however, Barbados doesn't have many road signs so it's important to consult a map before setting off on your journey. You can find maps of Barbados here.

Our maps of Barbados cover all of the Towns and Places of interest you may wish to visit, and our Google Map of Barbados may also help

Discover all about Barbados in the local information available in the topics below.


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