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Barbados National Heroes

There are 10 Barbadian National Heroes. These 10 individuals - 9 men and 1 woman - came from different eras and different walks of life. However, they all had a few things in common - they were champions of a cause, they effected positive change and sustainable development on the island and they supported and lead the people. It is only proper then that we should pay tribute to these fine individuals.

In 1998, Prime Minister Owen Arthur announced that April 28th would be National Heroes Day, dedicated to honouring our 10 National Heroes:

• Bussa
• Mrs. Sarah Ann Gill
• Samuel Jackman Prescod
• Charles Duncan O'Neal
• Sir Grantley Herbert Adams Q.C., Kt., Bachelor, C.M.G
• Clement Osbourne Payne
• Sir Hugh Worrell Springer, G.C.V.O.,K.A., C.B.E., O.B.E.
• Sir Frank Leslie Walcott
• Errol Walton Barrow, P.C., Q.C.
• Sir Garfield Auburn Sobers

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National Hero of Barbados - Bussa - The Freedom Fighter
Born a free man in Africa in the 18th Century, the hero Barbadians fondly refer to as Bussa was captured and brought to island as a slave.

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National Hero of Barbados - Charles Duncan O’Neal
Charles Duncan O’Neal, a medical doctor was a member of the elite class and held a high social position in the Barbadian community.

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National Hero of Barbados - Clement Osbourne Payne
Clement Osbourne Payne improved the conditions of the working population of the island through educating them to help themselves become free.

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National Hero of Barbados - Errol Walton Barrow, P.C., Q.C
The Father of Independence & Social Transformation.

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National Hero of Barbados - Mrs. Sarah Ann Gill
Sarah Ann Gill was a free, colored woman who chose Methodism as her religion and by 1820; Mrs. Gill was a full member of the church.

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National Hero of Barbados - Sir Frank Leslie Walcott
A fearless, formidable man, Sir Frank Leslie Walcott possessed the gift of bargaining. A talented mathematician, skilled craft worker and incredible debater, Sir Frank made remarkable differences throughout his career.

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National Hero of Barbados - Sir Garfield St Auburn Sobers
The name of Sir Garfield Sobers is legendary and is synonymous with the word.....cricket and the West Indies Cricket Team.

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National Hero of Barbados - Sir Hugh Worrell Springer, G.C.V.O.,K.A., C.B.E., O.B.E.
Often recalled as one of the greatest Barbadians of all time.Dedicated to Making a Difference!

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Samuel Jackman Prescod - Defender of Human Rights
Samuel Jackman Prescod was born out of wedlock in 1806 to a Lydia Smith, a free coloured woman and fathered by, William Prescod, a white wealthy landowner.

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