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Finding a job in Barbados

Finding a job in Barbados can be hard work. With a heavily government subsidized education system, Barbados colleges and universities pump out a number of highly educated graduates each year. A small island with a large population, competition for well-paying, entry level or specialized jobs is stiff.

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Job postings are often listed in Barbados' two leading newspapers:

The Nation (www.nationnews.com)

The Advocate (www.barbadosadvocate.com)

Alternatively, job seekers may refer to a number of websites tailored to meet their needs those of potential employers. The Barbados Labour Market Information System located at www.labour.gov.bb provides labour related information as well as an online job board.

Other job search engines include:


To expand your search, consider applying directly to one of the Barbados' many Executive Search or Employment Agencies. For a full listing of employment agencies, refer to the Barbados Telephone Directory.

The Barbados tourism industry - one of the largest sectors on the island - is constantly expanding and looking for innovative ways to attract visitors to the island.

There are a large number of service-oriented jobs in Barbados for applicants who are keen to work hard and appreciate the value of good customer service with a smile.

For job seekers looking for a leg up on the competition, consider enrolling on a Customer Service Training workshop with the National Initiative for Service Excellence (NISE). For more information on NISE training resources, workshops or service-related employment opportunities visit NISE.

The traditional method of cold calling companies or knocking on doors should not be dismissed as a potentially effective way of obtaining employment. This method takes time, patience and perseverance however can sometimes lead open the door to unadvertised positions.

Make sure to research your target employer before visiting. Learn about the business and be prepared to explain why you would be an excellent candidate for their employee roster. Try to show up at a time convenient to your potential employer and be prepared to smile in the face of rejection and continue your job hunt.

Have the education but no tangible work experience? Don't despair. There are several excellent Non-Profit Organizations (NPO's) located around the island that are always looking for responsible people to help organize events, satisfy administration requirements or help manage programmes.

Volunteering in Barbados is an excellent way to complement your resume by adding valuable work experience, obtaining reference letters, expanding your network of contacts as well as affirming your commitment to community development and charities in Barbados.

Try to find a suitable venue close to home with flexible work hours that allow you to continue your job search while fulfilling your volunteer requirements.

Finding a job is tough and in Barbados it can be even tougher. When looking for a job anywhere in the world, it's important to prove your worth and display your credentials.

In Barbados however, credentials mean much more than the school you graduated from, where you worked in the past or the licenses you hold.

'Credentials' also refer to your personal and professional connections. Serious job seekers in Barbados will heed the saying, "It's all about who you know, not what you know."

Spread the word about your desire for employment and maximize your credentials.

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