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Barbados Coffee Bean Bistro
Barbados Coffee Bean Bistro


Things Bajans Enjoy Doing on the Weekends

So you are finally in Barbados but you don't really want to stand out as a tourist. You prefer that when in Barbados, you do as the locals do. Well first of all, you have to stop calling it Barbados and use the commonly preferred term and say "Bim".

Follow these things Bajans enjoy doing on the weekends and you are certified 100% Bajan!

1) Tour Barbados
Whether it be touring right around the entire island of Barbados, playing with green monkeys or exploring caves, at Coconut Tours
2) Going to the Beach / Having a Picnic
Bajans enjoy "taking a sea bath" and having a picnic. Whether an early bird who likes to have a sea bath at 6am before the daily crowds or an afternoon person who prefers a leisurely stroll and watching the sunset, Bajans are always enjoying the beautiful beaches of the island.

3) Watching a "picture" at the Cinema or Drive-in
Bajans love to watch a "picture" and they flock to the cinemas, drive-in or movie nights at other Bajan houses or organizations to watch the latest film from Hollywood, Bollywood and our local film industry, as well as documentaries on the environment and other world issues.

4) Going to Oistins
The local fish-fry at Oistins is the place to be for what is considered the best fish on the island. The music, the atmosphere and the food are all factors which make this one of the most popular limes with Bajans.

5) Eating Cou-cou and Flying Fish and Pudding and Souse
Any Bajan will tell you that there is nothing more succulent than "propuh pork". Most Bajans are known as "pork mouths" and pudding and souse is always on the menu on Saturdays. Cou-cou and flying fish is the national dish of the island and is also a must-have on the menu.

6) Shopping
Bridgetown on weekends is packed with both shoppers and window shoppers! It is the one day when everyone tries to get all their errands completed and shopping done. The city and various shopping centres across the island are always busy.

7) Watching and Playing Sports
Bajans love their sporting events! We hosted the World Championship of Golf and the Finals of the Cricket World Cup 2007, so sports love Bajans too! There are club cricket matches, horse racing at the Garrison Savannah, surfing at Bathsheba and sailing regattas at Carlisle Bay. Bajans are spoilt for choice as participants or spectators of many various sporting events.

8) Traveling to another Island
Bajans love to travel, and on Friday evenings Grantley Adams Airport is bursting with persons leaving for a short weekend break to a neighboring island whether to relax, shop or take in other island festivals.

9) Going to Church
Since God is a Bajan, Bajans love dressing up and going to church on Sunday. It is an opportunity to give thanks for another week in paradise as well time to socialize with friends and family.

10) Sunday Lunch & Lime
After church, a traditional Bajan Sunday lunch of macaroni pie, beef stew, cole slaw and baked chicken is readily available. The lime involves "slamming a dom" (playing dominoes), some good "ole talk" and an afternoon nap. Bajans are now prepared for the week ahead until next weekend when we can do our top ten things all over again!

11) Enjoy gourmet coffee in Barbados
At a perfect location for breakfast or lunch with friends or colleagues. Enjoy our relaxed air conditioned indoor and breezy outdoor settings where our friendly staff are ready to serve you at The Barbados Coffee Bean.

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