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Moving to Barbados

Living in Barbados seeks to provide all the information you might need in making your move as stress free as possible. We also provide information for those who need encouragement to make that final decision.

We have pages on the economy and culture of Barbados, the real estate market and the educational system on the island. All of these are important factors for cementing your decision of choosing Barbados and creating a safe and holistic environment for you (and your family).

Why would any one want to pack their belongings (again perhaps!) and move to a new country? There are many life choices that allow people to make this decision everyday and contribute to answering this question - a new job or career, a new spouse, desire to learn a new language, further your studies or even retirement.

Why Barbados?

But why choose an island like Barbados to spend at least the better part of the rest of their lives?

For some the answer might be obvious...it's an island paradise!

For others the decision has not quite been cemented and they just need to be better informed so that they can be confident that they are making a sound, educated decision that will affect their lives, at least for the next few years.

Maybe perhaps you are a bit undecided if Barbados is the right choice for you and your family.

Wherever you are positioned right now in making your final decision, there are many things you need to know or consider before you pack your bags and head to the Caribbean.

Visit Barbados for the sunny climate, the white sandy beaches and the great nightlife. Sounds a bit superficial? What about the stable political climate and economy, the booming real estate market (perfect for investors), the environmental safety of its low-crime rate or the great quality of life.

An Insight

Barbados enjoys year round warm temperatures and beautiful weather. The gentle geography of Barbados landscape with its white sandy beaches, rolling green hills in the countryside, the long stable history of the island and its lively culture and customs make it very popular for tourism.

In fact, tourism is its number one foreign exchange earner, followed by offshore finance and information services, since it took over from sugar cane two decades ago.

Totally Barbados will give you a truly descriptive picture of what makes Barbados special and like no other place in the world! So feel free to use it as a how-to manual or a reference companion.

Meeting Your Expectations

Even though mostly described as 'charming and sophisticated', Barbados is still home to 280,000 sharing 166 sq miles (431 sq km) of land - making it one of the most densely populated countries in the world!

That makes space and personal time a very valuable commodity. Things don't always run as smoothly or as quickly as everyone hopes and expects, especially if you are not used to 'island time'!

It is important to be realistic about your move - Barbados might seem like a piece of paradise to some, but it is still indeed a developing country, restricted by the boundaries of the sea and for the most part no bigger than the majority of cities around the world (2.5 times the size of Washington, DC).

Events can still move at island speed and you will often need to manage your attitude about how you approach your move as it will always have an impact on your experience.

Being as prepared as possible and managing your expectations can eliminate much stress and resentment about your move and most importantly about your host country.


Knowing what items to pack in your suitcase for immediate use and which ones to ship by sea is a factor to consider.

Living in Barbados has an entire section to help you decide what your plan of attack might be, including a check list of things you should do before you embark on your trip and items we think are important that you travel with.

How much money you will need to live on each month is also important. This of course depends on the standard of living you wish to have but consider that the cost of living is quite high.

Imported items are hit hard with duties and taxes, so buying local or Caricom products is much more economical. Totally Barbados gives you a guide about how much you will need to survive in the initial stages and throughout your stay.

Moving to a new country can be a daunting and overwhelming experience. Don't allow yourself to be caught up in everything all at one. Take it in strides, one step and a time. Follow this guide closely and be prepared for as much as possible.

Preparation eliminates many surprises and reduces stress. You will then have much more time and opportunity to be more relaxed and enjoy your time in Barbados.

Good luck with the move from the team at Totally Barbados!

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