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Barbados Supermarket Shopping

There are a number of good supermarkets and convenience stores in Barbados for buying groceries and household items. You will find some of the larger ones located on the west, south and southeast coasts of the island.

If you are coming to Barbados on a self-catering holiday then you will need to find a supermarket to buy your food. If you are on holiday with children then you will need to locate your nearest store for the essential items. There are many options to choose from especially along the south coast of Barbados.

For snacks, such as sandwiches, cooked fish and chicken, fresh bread, canned food and milk you can just stop at a rum shop, these are brightly decorated and usually advertise a beer or spirit so they are easy to spot. However if you need to buy meals for the week then you would be better to find one of the larger supermarkets and there are plenty to chose from.

In the parish of St. Philip you will find a large shopping complex at Six Roads, where there is large supermarket called Emerald City with a good selection of meat, dairy and general dried goods.

Along the south coast there are a number of supermarkets to choose from, in Oistins you will find a branch of Supercentre, which is an island wide chain of stores. The Oistins store is one of the smaller outlets but still has most things you will need from fresh fruit, vegetables, meat and dairy through to household provisions.

In St. Lawrence Gap on the south coast there is convenience store called Dover Market, where you can buy fresh vegetables and fresh meat and a variety of products that you might need during your holiday such as sunscreen.

Following the south coast road towards Bridgetown, you will find a Trimart store at the traffic lights at Worthing; this store has a good fruit and vegetable section at very reasonable prices.

As the majority of products sold in Barbados are imported you will find the prices slightly higher than what you are used to paying in your home country. Therefore to keep your food bill down it is best to buy local produce where you can, as this is significantly cheaper than buying imported brand names.

If you turn right at the same lights at Worthing you will find Big B Supermarket, which is also part of the Supercentre chain of stores. This has a wider selection than the Supercentre in Oistins especially if you are looking for specific products for a recipe.

Carrying on past Big B, up Rendezvous Hill will bring to a roundabout; if you go straight over here towards Sargeants Village you will find JB's Supercentre located on your right hand side. This is also quite a large store and sells everything you need from mosquito spray to dinner plates.

Located on the highway towards the west coast you will find a very large Trimart located at Haggart Hall, which is the opposite the Bussa roundabout. Again you will find a good selection of fruit and vegetables and fresh meats at a good price.

On the west coast you will find the biggest Supercentre located at Warrens on the highway, this is one of the biggest supermarkets on the island with an excellent selection of cheeses and fresh meat.

Next door to Supercentre at Warrens, you will find Pricesmart, which sells goods in bulk, which is very cost effective if you are self catering a large group. You have to pay a membership fee to join, which is $50 BDS, but you will save more than this buy doing a big shop here. If you are planning a BBQ then they have some lovely meat on sale and this store is great for buying large quantities of dried foods too.

On the west coast there are a few supermarkets to choose from, on the main coast road there is a Jordan's Supermarket selling everything that you may need during your stay in Barbados.

In Holetown there is another branch of Supercentre, this branch really caters to the amount of ex pats living locally and therefore you will see a lot of English brands for sale here.

In Speightstown there is another branch of Jordan's Supermarket.

If you shop in rum shops, then the method of payment is generally cash and they do accept both US dollars and Barbados dollars. If you shop in one of the island's supermarkets then you can pay by cash, credit card, some debit cards and local cheques. At branches of Supercentre they accept any currency of cash.

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