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The Barbados Transport Board

The Barbados Transport Board is a government own organization with responsibilities for bus Transportation in Barbados. The Transport Board started its bus operations on August 24, 1955, as a result of private concessionaires experiencing difficulties running and maintaining their bus fleets. The Government of Barbados took over 116 buses from eight concessionaires to start this service in 1955.

Today, the Transport Board has a fleet of 245 buses operating on 98 routes across the island making public transportation accessible to as many persons as possible. The Government of Barbados has maintained bus fares at $1.50 in order to facilitate travel to the average citizen.

The Board is committed to the development of the tourism product and to this end has been providing services to the Barbados Port Inc. transporting tourists from cruise ships to the cruise terminal and back. They also work with Foster & Ince, transporting tourists from the airport to the seaport and from seaport to the airport. The Transport Board provides a valuable service to the traveling public, the tourism sector and to the overall development of the Barbados economy.

Island Tours
The Transport Board now offers an Island Tour which forms part of our Charter services. The island tour caters to groups of up to 40 persons and the tour stops at Folkestone, Farley Hill, East Coast Road, Bathsheba, Bath, Three Houses Park, King George V Memorial Park and Foul Bay. The tour can be adjusted by eliminating stops that are not of interest and increasing the length of time spent at the other stops.

The tour lasts approximately 8 hours and the cost is $670.00 Barbados dollars per bus. This island tour can be booked through our marketing Department at the below numbers. However, if the tour is booked on New Year's Day, Good Friday, Easter Sunday, May Day, Independence Day or Christmas Day the cost will be $770.00 Barbados Dollars per bus.

Scenic Tours
Our Sunday Scenic Tour is enjoyed by locals and visitor alike. It's an afternoon to sit back, relax and enjoy a tranquil outing to discover the unique treasures of Barbados. Enjoy the beauty of our sandy beaches and rigged coastline.

The Sunday Scenic Tour stops vary each Sunday as follows:

1st Sunday of each month
Folkestone Park, Farley Hill, East Coast Road.

2nd Sunday of each month
Cherry Tree Hill, Little Bay, River Bay

3rd Sunday of each month
Foul Bay, Three Houses Park, Bath

4th Sunday of Each month
Bathsheba, King George V Park, Silver Sands

Fare: Adults $15.00 BDS and Children $10.00 BDS

Buses leave Independence Square at 2:00 p.m. each Sunday and tickets are available from the change booths at Fairchild Street, Princess Alice Terminal and the Transport Board Headquarters.

Group bookings are also available for up to 40 persons. We will pick up groups at your specified location for $18.00 BDS Adults and $13.00 BDS Children.

For further information, please call the Marketing and Corporate Communication Department at the below telephone numbers.

Main Office Address
Roebuck Street,
St. Michael, Barbados
Tel: (246) 436-6820

Marketing Office
Princess Alice Terminal,
Princess Alice Highway, Bridgetown,
St. Michael, Barbados

Tel: (246) 228-0781
Tel: (246) 228-6021
Tel: (246) 228-6023
Tel: (246) 426-8467
(Marketing & Corp. Comm)

Website: www.transportboard.com
Email Address: marketing@transportboard.com (Marketing)

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