The Inland Parishes of Barbados

Inland Parishes of Barbados

The middle of the island consists of the parishes St. George and St. Thomas. These two parishes are located in the middle of Barbados or inland parishes, with St. George overlooking both the south and west coasts and St. Thomas being made up of many sugar cane fields, which slope gently down towards the sea. Both have stunning scenery and are well worth driving through, with not only great photo opportunities but quite a few interesting places to visit as well.

St. George has lovely views of the south coast, whilst St. Thomas offers true island beauty with meandering country roads, gullies, woods and caves.

Places to visit

St. George
* St. Georges’s Church
* Gun Hill Signal Station
* Francia House
* Orchid World

St. Thomas
* Harrison’s Cave
* Welchman Hall Gully
* Highland Adventures
* Earthworks Pottery
* HP Batik Studio
* St. Thomas Church
* Jack in the box Gully
* Polo


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