Things Bajans Enjoy Doing on the Weekends

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Things Bajans Enjoy Doing on the Weekends

Whether you’re here in Barbados on vacation and don’t want to stand out as a tourist, or you’ve just moved to the island and want to ‘do as the Romans do’, our list of things Bajans enjoy doing on the weekends will guide you to becoming a certified Bajan in no time.

Hint: First of all, you’ll need to stop calling it ‘Barbados’ and use the locally preferred term ‘Bim’ instead 🙂

So, you want to do as the locals do? Read through our list below of the top things Bajans enjoy doing on the weekends and then get out there and enjoy our beautiful island paradise in true Bajan style.

Top things Bajans enjoy doing on the weekends


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2. Travel to another island – Island Hopping

Bajans love to travel, and on Friday evenings Grantley Adams International Airport (GAIA) is bursting with people leaving the island for a short weekend getaway to a neighboring Caribbean island.

Whether it be to relax, shop or take in other island’s festivities, you’ll be sure the Bajans will enjoy their mini-vacation to the maximum.

3. Go to Church

Bajans love to put on their ‘Sunday best’ and go to church. It’s an opportunity to give thanks for another week in paradise as well a time to socialize with friends and family.

4. Host a Sunday lunch and lime

Want to really do things Bajan style? After church, a traditional Bajan Sunday lunch of large servings of macaroni pie, beef stew, coleslaw and baked chicken is the way to go.

The lime generally involves ‘slamming a dom’ (playing dominoes) and ‘making sport’ (joking around), followed by an afternoon nap.

5. Enjoy a Gourmet Coffee

A perfect choice for breakfast, lunch or simply a caffeine hit with friends or colleagues on the weekend. Totally Barbados recommends you enjoy the relaxed air conditioned indoor or the breezy outdoor settings at The Barbados Coffee Bean.

Until next weekend…

Bajans and honorary Bajans all over the island are now prepared for the week ahead, until next weekend when we can do all our top things all over again.

By: Brett Callaghan

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