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Barbados Wedding Reception Venues

If you have decided to have your dream wedding in Barbados then you must ensure that you choose a suitable venue to hold the reception after the ceremony. In Barbados you are spoilt for choice as to the number of places that you could hold the big celebration party.

You may be having a conventional white wedding and have a large wedding party attending, in which case you may want to stick with tradition and have a formal sit down meal complete with speeches and a cake, and an evening buffet, live music and dancing. In which case you should look at holding your wedding reception at one of the larger hotels where they can accommodate all of your requirements.

Or maybe you are having a church wedding with just a small number of guests, but you would still like a sit down meal and all the trimmings, in which case you may look at booking a restaurant with a sea view, where you can still enjoy excellent cuisine but in a smaller more intimate environment.

Alternatively, you may be going for a very unconventional wedding and getting married on the beach and would like a beach party afterwards to celebrate. In which case then you should look at hiring outside caterers to host a beach BBQ for you and your guests.

Perhaps you have decided to get married out at sea and will have a party on the boat afterwards. In which case you can organise all the food and drinks with the catamaran or boat owner when you are booking your trip.

If you are getting away from all the stress of a wedding at home, then you may just want a simple party after the nuptials and therefore you may want to look at hiring a beach bar for the event. Here you can wander out on to the sand for the ceremony and when you have said ‘I do’, you can return to the bar for an ice-cold glass of champagne and mingle with your guests. Most bars will organise a special menu for you, which can be buffet style if you prefer.

Another option when organising your wedding and bringing all your guests with you is to hire a villa for the occasion. This solves the problem of where everyone will stay, it gives you much more of a homely feel as you have your family staying around you in the build up the event and then you can get married in the beautiful tropical garden and have the Villa staff on hand to cook, serve the drinks and do the clearing up afterwards.

You could even hire a band to play as you dance the night away under the stars. If your wedding party is going to bigger than just the guests in the villa you may need to look at outside caterers coming in for the event.

The possibilities for weddings in Barbados are endless as you can pretty much get married wherever you like, and celebrate afterwards in any fashion that you so desire. So many couples choose Barbados for this reason and there are many experienced wedding coordinators on the island whose job is to take care of every detail for you, ensuring that you have an unforgettable day.


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