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Chicken and Potato Roti Recipe

Chicken and Potato Roti is a Bajan favourite, and can be picked up at various locations across the island as a snack or you can cook it at home as a main meal. This is great dish to serve when entertaining as people can help themselves, it is very filling and for those with a larger appetite they can go back for more!

You will need the following ingredients:

For the roti skin you will need:

* 1lb of flour
* 3 tbs of shortening
* Salt
* Water

For the filling you will need:
* 6 chicken breast cubed
* Parsley
* Thyme
* Jerk seasoning
* Salt
* Sugar
* Black pepper
* 2 large onions
* 4 cloves of garlic
* 1 whole scotch bonnet pepper
* 1/2lb potatoes

Put 3 tablespoons of sugar in to a large saucepan on high and cook until the sugar caramelizes, then add the cubed chicken breasts, stir until the chicken browns. Now add the chopped onions, garlic, parsley, thyme, jerk seasoning, salt and the whole scotch bonnet pepper - do not cut up the pepper! Reduce the heat to low and let this simmer for 25 minutes.

In a large mixing bowl sift the flour, and add a pinch of salt to taste. Now add the first tablespoon of shortening, with your fingers rub the flour in to the shortening, until it starts to form a breadcrumb like consistency, then add the second tablespoon of shortening and rub against the flour, again until it starts to look like breadcrumbs, now add the third tablespoon of shortening and repeat the process.

You should by now have used all the flour and your bowl should be all breadcrumb like, if you still have fresh flour in the bowl, then use another tablespoon of shortening until your fresh flour is all used up, now add a small amount of water and mix with a butter knife, just keep adding small amounts of water until your mixture forms a soft dough. Now dust your surface with flour and roll out your pastry, you want to roll wafer thin rounds - this mixture should make at least 12 roti skins. Cover with a tea towel whilst you go back to pot.

Now peel the potatoes and cube into small bite size pieces. After 25 minutes of simmering of the pot add 1/2 pint of water and add the potatoes to the pot. Now cover and cook for a further 30 minutes on a low heat.

Take a flat baking tray and turn upside down, lightly cover with oil and place on the stove top on high, cook each roti skin for 1 minute each side until the brown but not crisp.

Now pile up your cooked roti skins, remove the pot after the 30 mins and take out the whole scotch bonnet, then take the whole pot to the table with a pile of plates, each person takes the roti skin and lays it flat on the plate and then spoon some filling into the middle of the roti skin and fold around the filling and then eat and enjoy!


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Chicken and Potato Roti Recipe  Feedback and Reviews
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Visitor Rating: 3.00 from 5 users
Information Assumed Accurate On: Jan 24, 2007
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Visitor Comments:

By: Derwin
Quit the crying and add your own twist to it. Yes I'm bajan. All those with negative reviews, why don't you put you put the correct receipe on line. madness stop the crying
Date: Aug 20, 2016

By: Cassie Best
Bajan to the bone: all bajan Roti made with curry I has done both skin n roti fillings the skin is very easy to make and there's no jerk in bajan roti you can also use lentil too I done it and it was delicious I also use pineapple to lentil roti n they were love by many people try it out and see
Date: May 18, 2016

By: chef john bda
this is not Barbados roti no curry and have jerk seasoning, this is crap, Take it out of the recipes for Barbados dishes.
Date: Dec 21, 2015

By: Kimberly (Totally Barbados)
@Bee Good, I'm very sorry to hear about your experience. Unfortunately, from time to time, order mistakes are made but her response was rather unacceptable.

I hope that you still enjoyed your roti and that this experience didn't dampen your overall trip :)
Date: Nov 24, 2015

By: Bee Good
I went to Cheffette once and ordered a chciken n potato roti. Imagine my horror when I discovered I had been given a beef n potato roti instead?!

I took it back to the lovely lady who served me and she just "schupse" at me.

Date: Nov 22, 2015

By: chef john
why the jerk seasoning and we have our own seasoning always at hand, this is not barbadian
Date: Nov 3, 2015

By: S. Callender
@ A. Mayers, I also use soft taco shells for mine. They worked just fine.
Date: Sep 5, 2015

By: S. Callender
I used jerk seasoning in mine, and it added a great taste to it. And of course I didn't follow the recipe to the exact, but they still came out great.
Date: Sep 5, 2015

By: R.Waters
Of Bajan descent and I was taught different. NO CURRY? Thats the flavor! No sugar, no jerk. I just now made it. Delicious. This is sacrilegious! Not authentic. An injustice to anyone who wants real roti. sorry.
Date: Oct 22, 2014

By: R.Waters
Of Bajan descent and I was taught different. NO CURRY? Thats the flavor! No sugar, no jerk. I just now made it. Delicious. This is sacrilegious! Not authentic. An injustice to anyone who wants real roti. sorry.
Date: Oct 22, 2014

By: toya
Who on Gods green earth made this website.... this is not a recipe for a bajan roti or any roti for that matter this is foolishness. Has anyone eveeeeerrrrr heard of a roti without CURRY omg... and u don't need jerk seasoning... my recipe.. use what u have in your freezer if the chicken has bones debone it (cut the meat off) true bajan dont use tbls..all u have to know never use to much or to little n the same goes with the rest of spicces u r going to use always leave room for improvement.CURRY, (maggi cube if u dont have that well use all purpose seasoning), chicken seasoing,onion, chopped garlic or garlic powder some people put a little ketchupto give a little flavour..when the meat almost cook add your potatoes to the pot... when potatoes finished cook cruch some in the pot or u could cook potatoes seperate using the same method......
Date: Oct 29, 2013

By: Sam
Pure Bajan, and while we don't use jerk in the seasoning, there is a jerk chicken roti version (not Bajan) that I hear is quite excellent even by Bajan standards. However, Chefette roti style is my style, and there is something in their recipe that is not mentioned by anyone here - I can smell it (even now) but I don't know what it is. It is not cummin, but something similar to it. If you know, tell us.
Date: Jan 1, 2013

By: polkhigh6
hello everybody,
iŽd like to cook a typical bajan main meal. is there any native who can help me? thx very much!
Date: Jul 11, 2012

By: M Ifill
I am also 100 percent Bajan and that is not the correct recipe for Bajan roti. What the jeek seasoning, whole pepper and browing of sugar have to do with making Bajan roti? this recipe need to be remove from this site. 'where is the recipe police'. LMAO!
Date: May 25, 2012

By: mizz aq
i am born and bred a bajan.... jerk seasoning??? in roti??? our little barbados??? no no no no noooo.... we use the curry... go in chefette the curry will kill you but we love it....
Date: Jan 23, 2012

By: Pantress
Ok, so if you don't like the recipe, ignore jerk and use chopped. Take out scotch bonnet pepper, put in curry and some bajan pepper sauce. A good cook knows how to tweak a recipe. I agree that there is nothing bajan about this recipe but can't just pay attention to that.
Date: Oct 9, 2011

By: tony
sounds booring to eat without the curry also with white meat chicken not good
Date: Oct 7, 2011

By: Matt
Curry powder is an English invention to mimic the taste of Indian cuisine... Curry simply means spice mixture..
Date: Mar 22, 2011

By: A. Myers
Soft taco shells can work for the roti skins.
Date: Jan 17, 2011

By: nalinie dutchin
I've never heard of curry cooking without curry power,that is NOT curry but some kind of
stew ok,the ingredients for curry is- chicken,curry power,potatoes,masala,seasoning,remember you can use whatever meat you want ok.if you want the correct recipe you can contact me at ndutchin@yahoo.com
Date: Jan 5, 2011

By: Brenda
there aren't any measurements!!! how much jerk? thyme? etc.
Date: Apr 30, 2010

By: Josef Roesler
The first paragraph says to "simmer" a bunch of dry ingredients for 25 minutes. Simmering involves some sort of liquid, how can you "simmer" dry ingredients for 25 minutes without burning them?
Date: Dec 6, 2009

By: H. Dottin
I totally agree with Val and others. I too am 100% Bajan and I have never had a roti without curry. As a matter of fact the burnt sugar is for making stew resulting in a darker meat and gravy. Defintely not roti and what's up with the jerk seasoning. I just cannot imagine that with Roti... That is certainly a twist to Rotis in Bajan. I say, place the writer in recipe jail!!
Date: Oct 24, 2009

By: Margaret
These recipes are great. I thoroughly enjoy using them and also browoing your site. I want to thank you all for providing them.
Date: Oct 14, 2009

By: P. Cyr
Very good...
Im a very good cooker myself and when I made this for myself it was like heven was in a bunch of Chicken and Patatoes.
Date: Jun 4, 2009

By: debbie drummond
Hi, Just found this webpage - very interesting. I used to live in Barbados for 14 years, and loved the rotis, especially the shrimp and potato made at the Roti Hut on the South Coast. I am desperate to get a good BAJAN roti recipe, and also I would love to know where to buy the skins readymade as you could in BIM. Any Bajans out there help me - surely there must be a place in London???? I would love to get my own little catering van and sell them down here in Hertfordshire - HELP.....
Date: Apr 20, 2009

By: Val
Here's a link to dahl roti.

Date: Nov 15, 2008

By: Val
I am 100% Bajan, and I agree with everyone. We use Bajan mixed seasoning if anything, NOT JERK, and whoever wrote this recipe is dreaming and have obviously NEVER had roti in Bim! Where's the CURRY??? And, where's the dahl/chick pea option? Should be stripped of the rights of trying to represent a Bajan recipe fraud!
Date: Nov 15, 2008

By: miss bim
My sentiments EXACTLY...I was thinking to myself: WHERE IS THE CURRY..it can't be roti w/out curry. NOT Bajan. I am BAJAN and I make rotis on a reglar basis and it never crossed my mind to put Jamaican jerk seasoning in it. That (the latter)- I put on my grilling meats only- as I am sure my hubby to be who is Jamaican would agree. I use Bajan seasoning, curry, salt and pepper.
Date: Sep 7, 2008

By: Michele
The roti skin recipe looks ok but I have to agree with J.Gittens...we Bajans don't use jerk seasoning and even if we do on occasion most definitely not in roti filling...the filling recipe should be a chicken curry I don't know what it is you have there
Date: Aug 31, 2008

By: Peggy
I am looking for a Lentil Roti filling. Please Help!!!!
New Jersey USA

Date: Aug 16, 2008

By: rose
never heard of jerk seasoning
curry/madras depending on how hot you want it but no jerk seasoning
Date: May 12, 2008

By: K & S Schneller
My husband wanted to do this receipe for me. I also think that jerk seasoning should not be added. Ive never known Bajan food to have jerk seasoning, but ive known it to have curry powder.
Date: Mar 13, 2008

By: B. Clarke
I never heard of jerk seasoning in Bajan roti use curry and some good hot pepper.
Date: Sep 25, 2007

By: Divapat
Indeed, no jerk seasoning -- but plenty of curry! (I actually opened this recipe looking for the dahl (bread) recipe; I can make my own curry for the filling.)

Am really looking for an authentic Trinidadian/East Indian dahl with seasoned split peas/channa in the middle of the bread round. Can anyone help with that? (Many years ago, the New York Times printed some recipes, but the bread came out hard as rocks...!)
Date: Aug 28, 2007

By: A. Yearwood
I agree. No please for the jerk. It's fine on it's own, but I can't imagine it in a roti!!
Date: Apr 30, 2007

By: J. Gittens
This recipe looks ok, but being a born and bred Bajan, i've never seen or heard of Jerk seasoning being used, that is a jamaican seasoning, we use curry in my family... not jamaican jerk seasoning
Date: Feb 22, 2007

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