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Conkies Recipe

Conkies are a favorite with every Barbadian family and are made traditionally in November to celebrate Independence.

They are quite heavy so you won’t need more than one per person.

Please find details below on how to make this Bajan treat.

You will need:

» Sharp knife
» Grater
» Large mixing bowl
» Steamer
» Fresh green Banana leaves
» 2 cups of corn flour
» ½ cup plain flour
» 6oz of margarine or lard
» 1 egg
» 1 cup of whole milk
» I tsp salt
» 1lb brown sugar
» 4oz raisins
» 1 tsp of spice
» Nutmeg
» 1 tsp of almond essence
» ¼ Pumpkin
» Sweet potato
» Coconut


» Take your fresh green banana leaves and strip the leaves from the stalk with a sharp knife, then you need to singe the leaves over a naked flame just long enough to make them pliable.

» Now tear your leaves into squares big enough to wrap your conkie mixture into.

» Next you will need to grate your pumpkin, coconut and sweet potato into a large mixing bowl.

» Next add your raisins, sugar, salt, spice, almond essence, nutmeg, corn flour and plain flour and mix it all together.

» Beat your egg and add that to the mixing bowl.

» Now you can add your milk and margarine or lard, the mixture should now be stiff to mix.

» Now place a few dollops of mixture on each banana leaf and fold the leaf around the mixture.

» Now place your conkies on the steamer and cook until firm.


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Conkies Recipe  Feedback and Reviews
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Visitor Rating: 3.00 from 4 users
Information Assumed Accurate On: Dec 9, 2008
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Visitor Comments:

By: Ceri
Very good. Thanks Brett 👍🏼😊
Date: Mar 13, 2016

By: Eleta
Neither my grandmother or mother ever put regular flour in conkies. I don't either. It makes them too stiff and I like them moist. The cornmeal and sweet potatoes are enough starch.
Date: Dec 30, 2015

By: Bajetoronto
Made conkies for the first time in my life using this recipe, I substituted the milk with Silk .Best tasting conkies ever .Thanks
Date: Nov 30, 2015

By: Deborah P Brathwaite
Eurine you can steam them for one hour or until firm. Forgive me if someone has already answered your query. I didn't read many comments
Date: Nov 30, 2015

By: Eudine durrant
I am a proud bajan no question about that conkies is our thing I do add milk/egg but one can add what their like long ago we did not have cherries or raisin we do all that now so do what you I don't add salt these days and there taste great my problem is I don't still don't how long I should let them cook. Tell me anyone.
Date: Nov 29, 2015

By: Princess Belgrave
When I was growing up as a little girl my grand mother or my aunt would make cookies only on November 5. When we became independent November 30, 1966, we started celebrating and making cookies then for the 30, with eggs or milk is any one preference. I love them and when ever I get them and it's not in November, I buy them
Date: Nov 21, 2015

By: VeronicaReece
in your recipe, you state 1/4 pumpkin and sweet potato. What do you mean, cup,or lb? and is a 1/4 very little compare to the other ingredients
Date: Nov 18, 2015

By: Alston Fergusson
Stating that one is a Born Bajan' to authenticate what, after all, is only a personal opinion based on limited experience is boring to say the least. Because one's mother or grandmother made conkies without milk or eggs does not mean that every household in Barbados made them that way. The most useful comments thus far were those by people who cautioned, tbat if egg(s) are edded, the conkies should be eaten almost immediately. Thanks.
Date: Sep 26, 2015

By: Gloria
I am a Nevisian. I Love conkie. My mom never added milk or eggs, but when it's cooked we always drink milk and eat conkie. Yommy
Date: Sep 14, 2015

By: roxy
Esther small from vauhall in christ church makes the best conkies and their is no egg or milk....i watched her every move
Date: May 27, 2015

By: Clyde
You can use milk and it is best to use EVAPORATED MILK BUT NO EGGS. If you make a big batch and freezes them, the milk keeps them very moist.
Date: Dec 2, 2013

By: Wendy Hope
No milk, No eggs. Just made them, delicious
Date: Nov 27, 2013

By: Cindy
my granny neither use eggs or plain flour the sweet potato is enough for the conkies
Date: Nov 27, 2013

By: Kathy
Its a matter of choice when using the milk to make the conkies. I know for a fact that if you store the conkies in the fridge and dont use milk they somehow dry out a bit but if you use the milk the end result is a better bite. I will like to suggest if you use eggs that you eat the conkies as soon as they are done. My granny never used eggs but she used milk.
Date: Nov 15, 2013

By: Anthony
For those who are Bajans remember that lard wasn't always available so a cup of cooking oil will also work.I would suggest not using eggs.The taste of Conkies will always bring back memories of Barbados and Mom working all night long folding leaves.No leaves here so use foil paper cut in 8 by 8 squares.
Date: Feb 15, 2013

Is "spice" allspice?
Date: Feb 10, 2013

By: michelle
i am a bajan, no milk no eggs, but you can try if you please
Date: Jan 2, 2013

By: sunshine
I grew up seeing granny and my mom using evaporated milk when making conkies. It helps to keep them moist and nice especially if you refrigerate them. Without the milk the conkies will have a dry finish. Eggs can be optional but be careful it is adviseable to eat all of them as soon as posssible if you make them using eggs
Date: Dec 24, 2012

By: Pauline
I am a Bajan woman, and have NEVER seen milk, or eggs used in Bajan Conkies.
Date: Dec 6, 2012

By: grantley
If you do not have a steamer, you can use the shank of the banana or fig leaf by cutting them in pieces to fit into the pot. then add water beiow the level of the shanks in the pot and there you have your steamer.
Date: Nov 18, 2012

By: Daphne
I am a Grenadian. I have watch and later assisted my grandmother in making conkie. I now make it quite often. There is no milk and no eggs.
Date: Aug 12, 2012

By: Beverley Marsh
I am a proud Barbadian and i make conkies but i never used milk but this time i would try it with milk and see if it makes a different.
Date: Nov 26, 2011

By: serana
ive made conkis lots of time, its one of my favourite deserts ive tried it many different ways, what i would tell u guys is there are no one ways of making this delecious desert.egge, milk and potatoes are optional,personally i never put coconut husk i only use d coconut milk after i strained it.it is a delight every one should try conkies . enjoy
Date: Apr 22, 2011

By: janice
For persons who are not able to make their own conkies, is there any place in barbados that I can purchase some delicious ones, Thanks
Date: Dec 11, 2010

By: Esmay
I agree with James. Everyone has their own preference. Milk can be added to conkies. Its a matter of choice. The end result with be the same great tasting conkies. If you've not tried it, then don't knock it.
Date: Oct 20, 2010

By: James
I think that persons making comments should think before making them. Each chef have thier own way of cooking. Back in the days certain ingredients were not available. No problem with making some changes if the product has the same outcome. I'm sure those commiting did not try the recipe.
Date: Mar 31, 2010

By: bajanheat
. . . and also

egg very optional !!!
Date: Jan 5, 2010

By: bajanheat
thnx 4 de recipe. any bajan food does water my taste buds.bigup bajans
i is a bajan too and my grandmudda is mek conkies wid milk too,

1. grated ingredients mixed together
2. dry ingredients all mixed together and well combined
4. butter or margarine slowly
melted over low heat
5. milk and water added to melted fat
6. pour liquid into other combined ingredients and mix until smooth and pliable
7. raisins (optional). wash and dry well with crepe paper or kitchen towel
8. sift flower over raisins (to prevent from sinking to the bottom of the "dough)

>less sugar
>more or less milk in preference of water
>more or less butter or marg in preference for more or less lard
>more or less water in preference of milk
> essence of any sort what is available
>wheat flour or rye or grounded musli (crushed in mortar)
>raisins more or less or none.
LOTS n LOTS of yummy)))))

Date: Jan 5, 2010

By: Margaret
Sorry, but I have to agree with Sandra. NO MILK. However, I tried this recipe without milk and it was tasteful.
Date: Mar 7, 2009

By: sandra clarke
Barbados conkies don't have in milk I am a born bajan and i never see milk in conkies yet.
Date: Dec 28, 2008

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