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10 Things You Might Not Know About Barbados

On Totally Barbados we have tried to give you an insight into our island home, with the most comprehensive guide of what to expect from your holiday.

For those of you who have visited Barbados, we thought you might enjoy this list of 10 things you might not know about Barbados.

1. As a visitor to Barbados you will need a valid passport to enter and leave the island via Bridgetown Sea Port or Grantley Adams International Airport.

2. Barbados welcomes approximately 900,000 stay over and cruise ship visitors annually.

3. There are just under 20 Green certified Hotels in Barbados, one of the highest number per square mile.

4. The third oldest Parliament in the Commonwealth is located in Barbados.

5. Mount Hillaby, the highest point in Barbados, is 1,100 feet above sea level.

6. The first aircraft in Barbados was brought over by ship to Bridgetown, assembled and then flown from the Garrison Savannah in 1913.

7. St. James Parish Church is the oldest Church in Barbados and is located in the parish which bears its name.

8. The Pride of Barbados is the national flower. The leaves are boiled and used as a tea to soothe restless young children.

9. Barbados is among the Caribbean islands with daily flights to the United States, Canada, and England.

10. Barbadians love pork and have many recipes for succulent pig dishes. It is therefore no surprise that most of the pork consumed on the island is produced locally.

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This site really helped me with my HomeWork about Barbados but does anybody know the Courancy of Barbados at would really help me


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By: Jacqui
Thanx for the historical lesson. Being a Barbadian doesn't necessarily mean we know a lot of our history. This is really appreciated. I wish the television station would do a greater part in presenting our historical facts to the general public. Possibly in the form of a GIS annoucement daily in place of some of the music videos that are shown repeatedly. "If u don't know u're history u don't know u're roots".....
Thanx again!

Date: Feb 28, 2007

By: kittey
this helped me learn more about my culture

Date: Feb 25, 2007

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