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To have your Barbadian related business, product, service or event listed on Totally Barbados absolutely free of charge, please follow the list of requirements shown below.

Promote Your Event

Click here to go to our events calendar, then click on the link in the top right, to promote your entertainment, sporting or business event.

 Post Your Event to our Events Calendar

or click here to list your business on Totally Barbados.com FREE OF CHARGE!

Submission Notes and Requirements

1. All submissions are editor reviewed - this is not an automated system

2. We reserve the right to reject any/all submissions

3. You will be notified upon your approval of your listing (by email)

4. DO NOT USE ALL CAPS WHEN SUBMITTING - it will be rejected

5. Listings are added free of charge at this time

6. Email Address - If you make an error inputting your email address and use an illegal character your submission will NOT go through. Simply put, if your email address is sallyjoe@caribbeach.com and you type sallyjoe\@caribbeach.com your submission will fail. This is due to mod_security being run on this webserver to prevent email injection attacks, hacking attempts, and other security risks.

Problems: If you do not see your listing within 1-2 days when navigating to the proper category location or by searching by the name of your business this could be related to one of the reasons listed below:

A. Your email address has been flagged as known spam and rejected by mod_security

B. Your computer system is infected with spyware which hijacks the submission form and sends the data elsewhere hoping to gather information such as credit card information.

C. You have made an input error using illegal characters and your submission was rejected due to mod_security.

D. You are using software that blocks form submission data or website scripting.

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