Freedom Watch TV Global

Freedom Watch TV Global

Welcome to Freedom Watch TV Global (FWTV), a premium Internet Television Company that offers customers the ability to access UK, CANADIAN, US and International content from the convenience of their homes. In addition to material from Live Programming, up-to-date Movies, Television Shows and Music Videos at an amazingly affordable cost.

With many customers across Barbados, as well as beyond these shores, our system is tested, tried and found to be excellent. Therefore, we would like to extend an invitation to you to experience the Freedom Watch TV brand. A request to not only view our product but also explore with our personnel the benefits of owning such an incredible system.

Affordable and Convenient

Undoubtedly, the most affordable system on the island, we also boast of being the most mobile system. Given its small convenient size, our system can travel with you from one location to another, including when going to overseas locales. You no longer would have to be concerned about the quality of programming accessible at your destination, as you would have made sure that our system is safe within your carryon luggage. Besides, we also offer customers the option to have an FWTV IPTV Mobile account programmed into their smart devices (Phones and Tablets) for easy access to programming while traveling.

A bonus to owning our system is access to one of the best technical support teams on the island. Our parent company Barker Enterprises offer professional services with regards to Home Theater Systems, Television Sales and Configuration, Wireless Audio (Sonos), as well as Computer Sales and Services. We efficiently handle any technical problem that might occur with quick and easy solutions. Additionally, we offer a “wire cleanup service,” to have all those unsightly audio and video cables, arranged and cabled tied as neatly as possible. We strongly believe that a cluster of wires and cables should not mar the aesthetics of your home or office.

Experience the Best

Home Screen - FWTV

Home Screen – Freedom Watch TV Global (FWTV).

Here is a closer look at what makes the Freedom Watch IPTV experience a remarkable one:

  1. Over 1500+ LIVE channels, inclusive of Sky Sports and BT Sports programming.
  2. USA, Canadian, UK and International LIVE channels.
  3. Access to OWN (USA and Canadian versions), LMN, Hallmark and other numerous beloved but hard to find channels.
  4. FREE pay-per-view channels and event access.
  5. 16 Adult channels (These are not only password-protected, but children are also restricted from viewing channels names).
  6. A Large Video on Demand section in video club, with access to New and old movies, sports, TV shows, stand-up comedy, kids and chick flick programming. (Recently Added: Spider-man Homecoming, IT (2017), The Emoji Movie, Overdrive, Girls Trip, to name a few)
  7. Built-in DVR on ALL significant sports and entertainment network channels. (So if you missed Grey’s Anatomy this week, go back and watch it, no problem!)
  8. Easy to navigate programming categories. Find exactly what you are looking for, more natural and with higher speed.
  9. For only $400.00BDS per year, Freedom Watch IPTV system is the most reasonably priced on the island.
  10. The option to have Freedom Watch IPTV system installed on iOS and Android devices.

The reality of Freedom Watch IPTV system is so much better than any imagined fantasy. The choice is clear, FWTV IPTV for the win.


  • MAG 254 IPTV Box: $450.00 BBD (One-time fee)
  • FWTV IPTV 1 Year: $400.00 BBD (Annual Fee)
  • Programming / Installation Fee: $100.00 BBD (One-time fee)
Prices - FWTV

Prices for devices at Freedom Watch TV Global Barbados.

Call us at +1 (246) 234-4944 to order your system now

We look forward to meeting with you and welcoming you to our humble family.

You can also visit us on our Facebook page and view our channel listing.

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