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Solar Dynamics is responsible for the comfort, convenience, safety and savings which the majority of solar hot water users across the Caribbean enjoy. Since 1974, Solar Dynamics has been at the forefront of the development of solar hot water systems for residential and commercial use.

Solar Dynamics Ltd has the most experienced and competent team involved in the design, manufacturing, system sizing, installation, and service delivery of solar hot water systems.

The team is led by James Husbands GCM, who was awarded the “Gold Crown of Merit” in Barbados’ Independence Honors of 1994, for his contribution to energy saving.

James has adjudged the Anthony B Sabga Caribbean Award of Excellence winner for Science and Technology in 2008. He is the recipient of a “Pioneer Award” from The World Renewable Energy Congress, at its congress in Scotland in 2008.

Barbados #1 in the World in Solar Water Heater Thermal Performance, thanks to Solar Dynamics Limited.

According to the International Energy Agency (IEA), the world authority on energy, Barbados is number one in the world in Temperature Performance of solar water heaters per 1,000 population.

The IEA’s report “Solar Heat Worldwide” 2017, documented the solar thermal capacity installed in important markets worldwide, the contribution of solar thermal systems to the supply of energy and the CO2 emissions avoided as a result of operating these systems.

66 countries, representing 4.7 billion people, were included in the report. Barbados, with 489 kWth per 1,000 inhabitants leads the list. Others included in the top ten were Austria, Cyprus Israel, Greece, the Palestinian territories, Australia, China, Turkey, and Germany.


kWth stands for KiloWatt Thermal, which is the unit of measurement of the installed capacity of the collector to produce heat.

For more than 40 years, the temperature performance of solar water heaters has been singularly championed and assured by Solar Dynamics with its Performance Temperature Guarantee.

This guarantee, the first of its kind in the world, protects the client’s investment against product failure and each Solar Dynamics Hot Water System sold comes with a stated guaranteed temperature.

The guarantee has also been cited in publications as important to the industry’s development.

In the Perlack report of Oakridge National Laboratories of the United States of America, performance warranties and specified temperatures are considered crucial factors to the development of confidence in the solar water heating industry in Barbados.

The study on the success of the Barbados solar water heating industry was carried out on behalf of The United States Agency for International Development.


Solar Dynamics is at the forefront of innovation in its industry. The weather systems experienced in the region and beyond in 2017, raised our consciousness about the need to have more robust components in the construction sector.

Roofing and associated components such as solar water heaters and solar electricity panels are obviously vulnerable to high winds. It is therefore incumbent on suppliers of these components to re-think their technologies and materials to provide components and systems which are engineered to be more robust than hitherto used.

Solar Dynamics has introduced new technologies in its “Storm Secure” range of solar water heater components.

The Solar Dynamics Collector is now made of aluminum extrusions; an upgrade in strength and durability from the aluminum sheet of earlier collectors.

The base of the extrusion carries a channel in which the collector’s legs are secured. These legs are fitted with stainless steel screws including gaskets to prevent leakage.

Solar Dynamics has therefore upgraded its technologies and components to a higher level than any other product on the market.

The company has had a string of innovations including its use of tempered glass for more than 35 years, fin-tube heat exchanger techniques, polyurethane insulation for maximum heat retention and extruded aluminum stands for maximum tank support.

Solar Dynamics most recent innovations have won international acclaim with USA Today awarding Solar Dynamics the “Caribbean Gamechanger Award 2018“.

This award follows the British publication BUILD UK readers award “Best Solar Water Heater Caribbean 2018“.

In Barbados, around the region, and around the World, Solar Dynamics has been seen as a Barbados success story.

The company’s product is now being distributed in its home markets Barbados and Saint Lucia as well as Dominica, Antigua, Montserrat, British Virgin Islands, St Marteen, St.Kitts, Nevis, Belize, Guyana, and Suriname.

The company’s website is

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