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Barbados Annual Events Calendar
Shown below are the events that take place in Barbados on an annual basis.

From: Entertainment/Barbados Events
Date Listed:Feb 15, 2015
Barbados Vacations for the Family on the Sea
Barbados is a family oriented destination and there are many attractions on water, which support family activity.

From: Travel/Barbados Vacations/Family Vacations on Sea
Date Listed:Feb 5, 2015
Barbados West Coast Nightlife
The west coast of Barbados has a multitude of nightlife, clubs and bars.

From: Entertainment/Night Clubs/Barbados West Coast Nightlife
Date Listed:Feb 5, 2015
Special Needs Barbados Accommodation Guide
As the premier vacation destination of the Caribbean, Barbadian hoteliers and support staff are friendly, customer service oriented and increasingly equipped to support clients with special needs.

From: Special Needs Travel to Barbados/Special Needs Barbados Accommodation Guide
Date Listed:Feb 5, 2015
Barbados Online Shopping
Totally Barbados brings to you the island's most expansive online shopping directory for locally produced Barbadian items. Every online store listed in our directory features Barbadian products or is operated out of Barbados.

From: Shopping/Barbados Online Shopping
Date Listed:Feb 5, 2015
Barbados Gambling
Barbados does, however, allow for some forms of gambling and there are three legal types of gambling in Barbados

From: Entertainment/Sports/Barbados Gambling
Date Listed:Feb 5, 2015
Dover is located on the south coast of Barbados and is a hive of activity which attracts visitors from all over the world looking for action and excitement.

From: About Barbados/Local Information/Towns and Places of Interest/Dover
Date Listed:Feb 5, 2015
Barbados Wildlife Reserve
Visit the Barbados Wildlife Reserve, Grenade Hall Signal Station and Forest, for the most affordable tourist attraction in Barbados.

From: Local Listings/Sightseeing Listings/Tourist Attraction Listings
Date Listed:Feb 2, 2015
Religion in Barbados
Religion remains at the centre of culture in Barbados. Anglican is officially the national religion however there are various denominations of Christianity and non-Christian religions practiced throughout the island.

From: About Barbados/Local Information/Religion in Barbados
Date Listed:Jan 24, 2015
Barbados People
Barbados is a melting pot of people coming from many different cultures and influences - both local and international.

From: About Barbados/Local Information/People
Date Listed:Jan 24, 2015

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