St Lawrence Gap Accommodation

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St Lawrence Gap Accommodation

St. Lawrence Gap has its unique flavor, with an eclectic mix of and styles accommodation, roadside souvenir stalls, bars and nightclubs, and much more.

Being home to one of the most famous beaches on the island means St. Lawrence Gap Accommodation is the ideal vacationing spot for tourists looking to unwind, as well as a party into the night. They say life is all about balance, and there’s no better place to harmonize your inner party animal with your search for serenity than at the infamous St. Lawrence Gap (or ‘The Gap’).

The Gap is precisely as its name suggests, a ‘gap’ (or street) stretching approximately 1.3 km along the shoreline on the south coast of Barbados. It is typically a hive of activity, particularly on the weekend and during summertime as Crop Over celebrations take center stage.

However, although you will find many tourists in this area, you will also find a great mix of local action too.


The site of the Gap also means it is easily accessible, with public transportation and taxis on hand ready to take you to different places on the island, including into Bridgetown (or ‘Town’), the Oistins Friday Night Fish Fry, or only to explore more of the beautiful tropical beaches.

The Gap is notorious for its nightly parties, yet there is another side to the Gap; a quieter daytime side that only turns up the heat when night falls, coming alive with locals and tourists alike, all seeking entertainment, food, dancing and time to socialize.

Should you decide to stay in the Gap, this bustling hotspot offers a broad range of accommodation, and you’ll be close to amenities like duty-free shopping, supermarkets, tour operators, fishing excursions, and even some excellent golf courses in the area.

Here, both the weary traveler and vacationing local Bajan will find themselves in the center of the action and close to all the excitement.

Types of Accommodation and Places to Stay

Accommodation in the Gap can range from hotels to apartments and condominiums. For those partygoers who still like to have that fantastic view of the sea, most housing and places to stay in St. Lawrence Gap has beachfront views.

Depending on the type of holiday or getaway you are seeking, you can choose accommodation either right in the thick of it or on one of the more set back places away from the late-night entertainment.

Whether small and cozy or large and stylish, the Gap offers a variety of accommodation styles that all have that welcoming island vibe.

The architectural styles of accommodation at the Gap are varied, ranging from traditional bungalows to multi-story hotels. Elements of British styles are apparent, and visitors from the southern United States will undoubtedly recognize many features, as with the architecture anywhere on the island.

Budget Accommodation

Just because you’re on a budget doesn’t mean you’re not particular about the type of accommodation you select.

The budget traveler can delight in the opportunity to live like a local in guest apartments in the Gap that blend in with the island-style – simple, clean, and comfortable with hedges and potted plants all around. Many accommodation properties have balconies (or porches) to allow you the convenience to watch the world go by while relaxing.

Guesthouses and apartments in St. Lawrence Gap can be located both on the land side, or you may be lucky enough to find space on the seaside, as there are also budget-friendly hotels there.

If you go the self-catering route for accommodation, there are also several convenience shops located up and down the Gap, including Dover, where you can get all your essentials within walking distance.

Value Accommodation

For those who wish for more affordable hotel accommodation, there is plenty to consider. More often than not, the brightly colored structures are at maximum four or five stories high – some are relatively modern, clean, and traditional, optimizing space and function.

This type of accommodation is also available on the seaside of the Gap, and the vast majority have pools so you can do your water’s edge lounging there when you want to skip the sand in your toes.

Guesthouse accommodation is also cost-effective, and in most cases, it allows you, your private space. Fitted with private kitchenettes, dining quarters, and balconies, guests have the privacy and comfort of feeling at home in paradise.

These guesthouses allow visitors the opportunity to experience a full Barbadian vacation in their own home away from home by the sea.

Luxury Accommodation

While St. Lawrence Gap is known for its down-to-earth style and easy-going vibe, there are also many deluxe hotels and condominium apartments that rival those on the west coast.

Renting a villa is also a great idea if you like privacy with luxurious surroundings with the freedom to come and go as you please.

Some of the best restaurants reside within the hotels in the Gap. Most of the hotels along this coastline proudly hold the title of three and four-star rankings, making them among the top choice for ‘foodies’ from all over the world.

Most of the four-star hotels are all-inclusive and equipped with facilities such as spa centers, restaurants, bars, tennis courts, swimming pools, and easy beach access.

The all-inclusive packages tend to offer food and drinks all in one price. Some hotels in this area also offer accommodation on a room only basis – ‘half board‘ (includes breakfast), or ‘full board‘ (includes all meals).

Wherever you decide to stay in St. Lawrence Gap, you are sure to have a perfect time in Barbados.

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