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When you arrive in Barbados there are various methods of transport open to you as to how you will continue your journey to your accommodation.

— Rolls Royce Bentley
— Helicopter
— Private Jet and Island Hopping
— Mercedes
— Tour Operator / Coach
— Barbados Car Hire
— Taxi
— Barbados Transport Bus

Firstly, we will look at the most luxurious option which applies to guests who will be staying at the Sandy Lane Hotel, which is one of the most exclusive hotels in Barbados.

Traditionally, Sandy Lane has always supplied a Rolls Royce Bentley to collect their guests from the airport, which is really doing Barbados in style. However, they have recently introduced a new method of transport for their guests, which go one step further!

Now Sandy Lane offers to transfer their guests from the airport to the resort by helicopter. This service can only carry 3 guests at a time and your carry on luggage; they will transfer your checked luggage by road. So if you are having the holiday of a lifetime in Barbados, then Sandy Lane Hotel really shows you how it should be done. You need to book the helicopter option when making your reservation with the hotel.

You will find a representative from Sandy Lane holding your name card when you come out of the arrivals hall.

Perhaps while you are in Barbados you would like to visit another Caribbean island, if so then you can hire a private jet from Grantley Adams International Airport. This is the ultimate way to travel and means you can decide where you would like to go and when, without waiting on normal charter aircrafts.

Depending on where you are staying and who you have organized your travel arrangements you could also be collected from the airport in a luxury vehicle such as a Mercedes. This method of transport is usually for guests who are booked to stay in one of the island’s luxury villas. A representative from your villa will be holding your name card when you come out of the arrivals hall.

If you have booked your travel through a tour operator then they usually provide a coach to collect all their arrivals and will stop at various hotels to drop everyone off. When you come out of the airport you will see representatives from various companies holding up boards with the travel company’s name on them. Just look for your tour operator’s name and give the representative your name and they will direct you to your coach.

You may have hired a car when you booked your vacation, in which case a representative from the car hire company will be waiting with your name on a board and they will complete the necessary paper work, give you a map of the island and direct you to your car.

If you haven’t booked a car in advance then there are a number of car hire companies with offices at the airport, which will have vehicles ready for you to drive away. For both of these options you will need your full driving license from your home country.

If you have booked your accommodation directly then you may have to make your own way to where you are staying, and if so there are a number of taxis waiting outside the arrivals hall. Just tell the driver the name of the place where you are staying and they will take you there. Taxis from the airport to the west coast are about $40USD and taxis to the south coast from the airport are about $25USD.

And finally if you have been to Barbados before and know where you are going then there is also a bus stop directly in front of the airport terminal. These buses go to St, Philip from the out of city bus stop and there are two buses that run from the to city stop.

One will take you straight in to Oistins on the south coast, from here you can catch another bus that will take you all along the south coast road. Or you can catch a bus that takes you straight in to Bridgetown; from here you can catch another bus to all parts of the island. All bus journeys are a fixed fee of $1.50 BDS.