Barbados Boutique Hotels

Barbados Boutique Hotels

Of the hundred or so hotels and guest houses in Barbados, there is a unique handful of properties known as Barbados boutique hotels.

They are small, usually less than 50 rooms, but offer very sophisticated accommodation – rooms and suites – at a price! The staff is highly trained to ensure guests have the best experience.

Boutique hotels in Barbados cater to the higher end of the market, and most are located on the beach front, offering spectacular views of the Atlantic ocean.

Boutique hotels also cater to couples looking for that special vacation, romantic getaway or Barbados honeymoon and often do not allow children, to guarantee your peace and tranquility if you are looking for a relaxing holiday in Barbados.

Offseason prices can range from US$250 per night for a single person room to US$2,500 a night for a two-bedroom suite in the Winter season.

These properties operate like a typical hotel, though some offer you your private butler or maid, and even a personal chef.

It’s these types of touches that make these properties favorites for celebrities as a sophisticated retreat, giving them seclusion from the outside world.

The interior design in a Barbados boutique hotel is often unique, with each room being individually decorated. You can expect marble bathrooms, Jacuzzis and whirlpool spas, with scented candles, robes and exclusive toiletries.

The walls most often display Caribbean art, and you also find hand-crafted pottery, mahogany four-poster beds with crisp white linen and finishing touches like fresh tropical flowers for your added comfort and convenience.

Regarding technology, there is usually cable television, air conditioning, DVD, Internet connection, hairdryer, safe, mini bar, and direct dial telephones.

These hotels also offer on-site car hire and can organize catamaran sailing or even a round of golf for your enjoyment.

For an incredibly intimate, usually luxurious vacation and accommodation, stay in a Barbados boutique hotel.


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