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Come see and support St Winifreds School - Pantomime.Enjoy an experience fishing aboard Legacy Fishing Charters in Barbados.Andromeda Botanic Gardens is an amazing, historic, Barbados National Trust garden with an unparalleled collection of plants.Guests are Welcome to the Accra Beach Hotel & Spa with the warm inviting light & stunning modern fixtures.Accra Beach Hotel for the perfect Wedding Ceremony & Reception with the enchantment & mystery of the Ocean.Dessert served at Accra Beach Hotel's Accra Deck.Fun in the Sun with beautiful views at Accra Beach Hotel and Spa in Barbados.Accra Beach Hotel & Spa is a 4 Star Accommodation facility on the South Coast, Barbados.The Accra Beach Hotel for choice of four star Accommodation. Guests Standard, Suite, Two bedroom Family Accommodation.Come and stay with us for a stunning view at Accra Beach Hotel and Spa.Relax & Rejuvenate at the Chakra Spa, Accra Beach Hotel in the water oasis for refreshing before or after therapy!Enjoy white sand and blue sea when you stay at the Accra Beach Hotel and Spa.A Pool View Suite at Accra Beach Hotel and Spa.Enjoy the delights of the Pacific Rim in Barbados, at Accra Beach Hotel's Pacifika Kitchen.Accra Beach Hotel Suite Two BedroomPamper yourself to a manicure & pedicure with O.P.I."perfectly covers our nail beauties".Poolside View at Accra Beach Hotel and Spa.Massage Tables at Chakra Spa Accra Beach Hotel Barbados.Exquisite Oceanview Penthouse Suite at Accra Beach Hotel and Spa.Pamper yourself with signature Chakra organic product line for luxury, beauty & body rituals.Indoor Dining Decor at Accra Beach Hotel's Pacifika Kitchen.BBQ & Floor Show at Accra Beach HotelThe Accra Deck at Accra Beach Hotel and SpaDon't miss out on Curry and Kebab Night at Accra!Indulge with Accra's Pacifika Kitchen.Elegant dinning decor and settings for event at Accra Beach Hotel and Spa.Asian Cuisine served at Accra Beach Hotel's new restaurant, Pacifika.Contemporary European cuisine served at The Accra Deck.Accra Beach Hotel salmon in hoba leaf.Enjoy Japanese, Chinese, Thai and Indonesian dishes at Pacifika Kitchen.Drive in style with one of these luxury vehicles from Bajan Car Rentals.Enjoy Barbados in the luxury of a Grand Vitara from Bajan Car Rentals.Drive around in a top class Hyundai Accent from Bajan Car Rentals.Compact cars come in all colours at Bajan Car Rentals.Explore beautiful Barbados with a vehicle from Bajan Car Rentals.Say “I Do” against the glowing backdrop of a beautiful Barbados sunset.Be swept off your feet on one of the many beautiful Barbados beaches.Promise forever on the brow of a natural, rugged Barbados sea cliff, with panoramic ocean views. Tropical or traditional, large or small, Barbados Weddings…beyond your imagination will personalize your Barbados wedding bouquet to your satisfaction.Barbados Weddings ... beyond your imagination can cater to all your wedding needs.Want to have your wedding on a glorious Barbados beach but still wish to be serenaded by a church choir? Barbados Weddings...beyond your imagination can customize your dream wedding in paradise.Take your friends and family on an unforgettable old time bus ride as you begin your own journey to wedded bliss. Enchanting Barbados wedding décor created by Barbados Weddings ... beyond your imagination!Be it simple or extravagant, Barbados Weddings…beyond your imagination will provide the perfect décor. Be swept off your feet on one of the many beautiful Barbados beaches.Beautiful Barbados Seashell Wedding CakeSay “I Do” against the glowing backdrop of a beautiful Barbados sunset.Take your vows 130 feet under the Caribbean Sea amidst the captivating, vibrant, marine life, colourful reefs and wrecks with a specially customized Barbados Submarine Wedding.Promise forever on the brow of a natural, rugged Barbados sea cliff, with panoramic ocean views.The Entrance to Wildlife Reserve is shaded with trees and the cobble stone pathways and the huts are where our friendly staff greet you!A Green Monkey at the Barbados Wildelife Reserve.Appreciate this Monkey's strut with visual of the golden green fur and pale hands and feet, the tip of the tail, cheeks and whiskers are golden yellow.The Mother Green Monkey are very protective over their young and usually take care of them for the first year before allowing them to live as adults.See the sunbathing lazy reptiles in the Iguana Sanctuary at the Wildlife Reserve. These reptiles have a "third eye" on their heads which is a light sensing organ and does not make out detail but brightness. Be sure to look out for the parietal eye!Along the footpaths through the forestland the undergrowth reveals the Brocket Deer and "Mara" at the Barbados Wildlife Reserve.Monkeys are very playful and can be seen running to and fro through the trees and swinging from the branches. They use facial expressions and body language to communicate their emotions.Barbados Green Monkeys hanging out at The Barbados Wildlife Reserve, they are highly social and communicate with distinct calls.These Barbados Green Monkeys are seasonal breeders usually breeding in the months of April to June during the months of heavy rainfall. Infant mortality is high at about 57%.The Barbados Mother Green Monkey caring for her infant while the baby monkey lovingly stays close. The exceptional photo gives a sense of security to the relationship.Budgerigar sometimes called "Budgie" are small long-tailed parrots. Other known names are pet parakeet or shell parakeet. These Budgerigar have distinct long tails and they snack on seeds.At the Barbados Wildlife Reserve you with see Brocket Deer and "Mara". This species of deer are medium to small in size.This stunning pose of the Male Peacock gives you a visual of the length of his plumage and radiant colour of his breast and the distinct feathers of his crown.Scenic grotto with unusual rock formations along the sloping brick pathway.The Mother Green Monkeys at Barbados Wildlife Reserve caring for her infant.Rum and Cocktail tours help you enjoy the Mount Gay Visitors Experience.Barbados Rum - Souvenirs and things to take home.Stunning evening views from the penthouse at Barbados Beach View Hotel.View of the pool and sea at dawn.The pool area at Beach View.Separate adult's and children's pools with the Caribbean Sea as the backdrop.The Poolside Area at Beach View Hotel in Barbados.Separate adult's and children's pools with the Caribbean Sea as the backdrop.Spacious Living Areas at Beach View Hotel in Barbados.Relax in style in Beach View's large, comfortable King size beds.Spacious, open plan living and dining rooms.Bougainvillea Beach Resort Barbados Lanterns by the Sea Restaurant opens daily for breakfast, lunch and dinner service and features a Thursday night Caribbean Buffet and show.One bedroom suite living room and dining room.Family beach fun at Bougainvillea's Maxwell Beach.Maxwell Beach - the beautiful 1/4 mile of white sand beach on which Bougainvillea Beach Resort sits.Host your meeting or conference at Bougainvillea Beach Resort.Enjoy a full breakfast while you stay at Bougainvillea.Come and explore the Barbados beaches such as this one near Bougainvillea Beach Resort.Bougainvillea Beach Resort's Lanterns by the Sea Restaurant offers tantalizing local flavours of Barbados cuisine against the backdrop of breath-taking South Coast ocean views.Unwind with a game of tennis at Bougainvillea Beach Resort.Bougainvillea Beach Resort Pools and Ocean View.Rated "Barbados' No. 1 for Food" by the 2010 Zagat Guide to the Best of Barbados, Zen, is The Crane's Asian restaurant. This sophisticated dining space is open for dinner only and offers a combination of Thai and Japanese cuisine.Top Food" rating of all restaurants on the island of Barbados. Zen offers guests the traditional Tatami rooms, an exquisite sushi bar framed by an all-glass wall overlooking Crane Beach and booths for private dining. Welcome to Vuemont, investors, professionals and families interested in Buying Real Estate at Totally Barbados. Each unit features granite or corian countertops and is outfitted with porcelain tiles, wooden shutters and designed with spacious patios and beautifully landscaped gardens.Bedroom of a home at Vuemont Barbados Real Estate Properties.Amenities include 2 community swimming pools with deck, gazebo and changing facilities, tennis courts, a Gym and a central Club House.Interior of Club House amidst a tranquil setting at Vuemont Barbados at Mount Brevitor in the parish of St. Peter.Community Pool at Rival EnterprisesChattel Village Shopping Centre in Sunset Crest.Map showing the location of Rival EnterprisesPhotos of doing business in Barbados.Sun General Insurance for the whole family in Barbados.Gym at Sugar Cane ClubEnjoy all-inclusive accommodation at Sugar Bay Barbados Beach Resort.Rent a car from Stoute's Car Rentals and tour the island to see places of interest.Savannah Hotel is located in the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation's (UNESCO) World Heritage List.Enjoy the holidays at Plum Tree Club Apartments with the entire family.Take a tour of Barbados on a Scooter rental from Paradise Scooter Rentals Barbados.Cool Ride around Barbados thanks to Paradise Scooter Rentals.Sightseeing in Barbados with Paradise Scooter RentalsBicycle, Scooter and Motorcycle Rentals in Barbados.Vivian Vivas - Columbia - enjoyed a reliable scooter that took them to each destination safely.Sarah Karlsberg Shaffer and Jack Britton visiting Barbados.Sarah Karlsberg Shaffer 
Sarah Karlsberg Shaffer - enjoyed traveling on the coast and taking some awesome pictures.Guy Spencer Blake in Barbados and Paradise Scooter Rentals.Alexander, Arthur, Phillip, Nikola - Everyone enjoyed going from location to location and are eager to do it again.Francesco Esposito - Italy - Enjoyed the scooter so much that he did not want to part ways with it.Biollay Cyrille - Switzerland - states how enjoyable and fantastic the experience is in seeing the island with a scooter.Alvin James - Guyana - “I have many scooters in Guyana and haojue rides like a dream, paradise scooter rentals service is like no other, ill definitely be coming back.” Logo for National Initiative For Service Excellence - NISEParty aboard the Black Pearl Party Cruises with the Jolly Roger.Direct Car Rentals Ltd. is family owned and operated.Introducing Crown of Light - Crown Solar collection at Diamonds International Barbados.Introducing Crown Solar collection at Diamonds International Barbados.Introducing Crown of Light - Crown Eternal Collection in Barbados at Diamonds International.Diamonds International - Introducing Crown Berry Collection  in Barbados.Go shopping in Bridgetown Barbados at Diamonds International.Relaxing in a pool overlooking the ocean at the Crane Resort in Barbados.Stay with the best at the luxurious Crane Resort in Barbados.Rated "Barbados' No. 1 for Food" by the 2010 Zagat Guide to the Best of Barbados, Zen, is The Crane's Asian restaurant. Whether traveling for business or pleasure, Courtyard by Marriott offers a refreshing environment that helps guests stay connected, productive and balanced. Intuitive services and design accommodate guests' needs for choice and control.Get a car rental in Barbados from Courtesy Rent A Car.Shop all you can and then stop by Coffee Bean located in Cave Shepherd, Bridgetown for your lunch time snack.The Coffee Bean Bistro - drink - eat - treat. A perfect location for breakfast or lunch with friends or colleagues.Serving breakfast and lunch at Coffee Bean Barbados Bistro.Enjoy great coffee at Coffee Bean Bistro in Hastings.Have your first meal of the day; breakfast at Coffee Bean.Take a look at all the great things you can have when choosing a meal at Coffee Bean, Bridgetown.Taste the great cupcakes at Coffee Bean, it is a taste that you will love.Have your lunch at Coffee Bean in Peronne Village, Worthing Christ Church.Treat yourself to one of the jam-filled cookies at Coffee Bean.The lemon-squares at Coffee Bean are great, have one and you won't stop.Oatmeal and walnut cookies are some of the choices you can have at Coffee Bean.Enjoy the great taste of Coffee Bean's Cali-Sushi.Get a delicious Tuna Wrap at Coffee Bean for lunch or afternoon snack.Find all the hidden Barbados beauties with a rental from Chelsea Motors.Going on a family vacation? This 7-seater APV is provides a great deal of space and comfort.Honeymoon at Champers Restaurant & Wine Bar with a table for two at the waters edge.Choose a Champers Restaurant & Bar dinner evening & relax with a refreshing cocktail.Champers Award Winning Restaurant & Wine Bar by day for everyday occasions. Open Daily 11.30 am - 9.30 pm.Champers Restaurant and Wine Bar provides guests with the opportunity to unwind and relax in a casual, yet elegant atmosphere.Champers Restaurant & Wine Bar Barbados for special occasions with a difference.Champers Restaurant reviews suggest lunch & dinner reservations for every occasion.Award Winning Excellence Culinary experience South Coast at Champers Restaurant & Wine Bar.The service and friendly staff at Bubba's Sports Bar are all Cheers!Bubba's Sports Bar serve lunchtime sandwiches with fries or jacket potatoes & choice salad.Bubba's Sports Bar & Restaurant has seating at the bar, in the 'Pit' and on the upper level with 12 flat screen TV.Don't miss 2 for 1 Happy Hour every Friday at Bubba's Sports Bar and Restaurant.Live Sports Action - 10 ft screens at Bubba's Sports Bar & Restaurant. Bartender's choice of Cocktails Shaken & Blended for the Sports Enthusiast at Bubba's Sports Bar.Dessert is always on the menu at Bubba's.Choose from an array of desserts at Bubba's Sports Bar & cheer Victory!Shrimp Kebabs, lobster Tail, 'Catch of the day',Dolphin & Flying fish all served at Bubba's.Bubba's Sports Bar & Restaurant for more choice steaks, burgers, chicken & 'catch of the day' entrees. Live Sports Action at Bubba's for the whole family.Kids Meals & nutritious beverages served at Bubba's Sports Bar.Live Sports Entertainment at Bubba's Sports Bar.Check out all menus and specials online on the Bubba's website.Blakey's On The Boardwalk Bar and Restaurant in Barbados.Stop by for a drink and live atmosphere at Blakey's on the Boardwalk.Always smiles at Blakey's on the Boarwalk.Enjoy the casual outdoor seating at Blakey's on the boardwalk.From beers, to cocktails, to experiment drinks, you can order them all at the Blakey's Bar.Enjoy a candlelit dinner with a view of the south coast beach at Blakey's.Blakey's is always buzzing with life.Live entertainment is always on deck at Blakey's on the Boardwalk.Take a romantic stroll on the boardwalk after dinner at Blakey's.Fun in the Sun with beautiful views at Accra Beach Hotel and Spa in Barbados.Relaxing in a pool overlooking the ocean at the Crane Resort in Barbados.Stay with the best at the luxurious Crane Resort in Barbados.Rated "Barbados' No. 1 for Food" by the 2010 Zagat Guide to the Best of Barbados, Zen, is The Crane's Asian restaurant. Enjoy the holidays at Plum Tree Club Apartments with the entire family.Community Pool at Rival EnterprisesStay beach side in Barbados at Rostrevor Hotel.Enjoy a Rum Punch