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Barbados beaches have something to offer everyone, and with so many beaches to choose from, you can pick a different beach to visit each day.

Due to the coral geology, Barbados is surrounded by over 70 miles of palm-fringed, white sandy beaches. You’re sure to find the perfect beach for you.

The sea offers just about every shade of blue, a delight to behold, even when driving around the island.

Barbados law stipulates that all beaches in Barbados are public, even though some may be private due to their location.

Bookworms and sunbathers who long for solitude, windsurfers and surfers who crave the action of the waves describe Barbados as a paradise of beaches and bay.

Whether you wish for a social atmosphere or one reminiscent of the peace of Robinson Crusoe – Barbados has it all!

The island is known for its different landscapes, which applies to Barbados’ beaches.

Due to our geographical location between the Caribbean Sea on the west and the Atlantic Ocean on the east, you often find different sea conditions, such as calm waters on the west and many tides and waves on the east coast.

The island’s north has dramatic cliffs with the Atlantic crashing beneath and can be excellent for experienced surfers.

Barbados, North Coast Beaches are not accessible due to the cliffs surrounding this shore. Therefore most beaches are accessed by climbing down, and none of these have facilities, so you will have to take what you need for the day.

Barbados’ East Coast Beaches are the most beautiful, with stunning landscapes, pools, and crashing waves. These beaches lead out to the crashing Atlantic Ocean and are not so famous. However, some still have facilities, particularly Bath beach, which has a beautiful picnic area and a children’s playground.

Barbados’ South Coast Beaches are a series of calm bays which are safe for swimming, while the west coast beaches are known for their tranquil waters.

If you choose to visit a beach on the south shore, you will find that most have amenities such as toilets, showers, food & drink outlets, and some stalls selling souvenir items. Also, most of these beaches have beach chairs and umbrellas to rent.

Barbados West Coast Beaches have beach facilities such as bathrooms. However, as most of the west coast beaches are in front of hotels, you can usually use the hotel facilities provided you check in at reception, even as a guest for a day.

Spend your days as leisurely or action-packed as you choose – take a long stroll along the shore, collect shells, join a friendly game of beach cricket or volleyball, go snorkeling or scuba diving or try your hand at surfing, windsurfing, and kitesurfing.

Hire a car in Barbados for a few days and explore for yourself; there are so many beaches in Barbados that you’ll never have to visit the same one twice – unless you want to!

Don’t forget to take along your sunscreen; topless sunbathing is against the law in Barbados.

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