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Whether renting a home, apartment or finding the perfect villa rental; researching real estate in Barbados has never been so easy.

On an island as Barbados with its temperate climate, endless beaches, colorful culture, and friendly people, there is little wonder why Barbados has an ever expanding and lucrative real estate industry.

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The strip from the busy capital, Bridgetown, through St James to St Peter is often referred to as the Platinum coast due to the high numbers of homes owned by billionaires. It is a luxury homeowners dream with multi-million dollar oceanfront mansions, perfect sandy beaches and gourmet dining prepared by five-star chefs.

The West side of the island is currently experiencing nothing less than can be referred to as an explosion in real estate development, which is being fueled by the high demand for exclusive properties on world-class golf courses and their oceanfront views.

Of the Southern parishes, Christ Church is often considered by the locals as the most energetic and fun parish on the island. From the fish fry at Oistins to the trendy St Lawrence Gap, it offers a beach culture by day and a party atmosphere at night.

The real estate trend along the coastline has seen a growth in modern apartment construction taking advantage of the limited beachfront space available to create a “serviced” lifestyle with the sea at your doorstep.

St Philip parish is considered to offer a more relaxing atmosphere with it’s warm breezes due to the land flattening to the cliff line. The famous Crane Beach is located here along with many more coves along the eastern coast of the island that are gorgeous and less crowded.

The real estate trend on the eastern coast of the island has been comprised of residential developments in all eastern parishes, mainly as land lots. Some offer pre-designed homes, which are already approved by the building authority and are ready to be built. The real estate resale market is strong with several hotels in the area undergoing extensive renovation.

Rural Barbados is lush and green, with roads that wind through overgrown gullies and over the hills towards the rugged and windswept vistas. Favored by many for the cool winds and ‘out of town’ feel, the area offers easy access to amenities and the countryside is dotted with golf courses and polo fields. There are a variety of villa developments throughout this rural area offering exclusive access to a luxury lifestyle.

True island life is to be found in St Joseph, where the locals tend to go for the summer. Many of the homes have been owned by the same families for years and can only be rented by word of mouth when not in use. The area is rugged and windswept; facing the Atlantic Ocean it’s a haven for the local surfing community and hosts an annual international surfing competition at the Soupbowl in Bathsheba.

Renting a home, apartment or villa, or purchasing real estate in Barbados has never been so easy. There are many real estate companies and agents in Barbados who are always happy to help with showing the numerous properties on the market. Most Barbados real estate agents and companies have strong overseas connections, making it easy for the client to purchase from abroad.

Everyday there is something new and exciting being developed on the island, offering new opportunities for real estate in Barbados. Apart from buying, if that’s not your thing, the island features a large market for both long and short-term rentals; including villas, condos, houses, palaces and apartments.

For more information on buying or renting property in Barbados, please see our extensive guide to Barbados real estate at the bottom of this page. You can research architects and developers in Barbados, which you will need if you are interested in buying land and building your own dream home.

If you are interested in either purchasing or renting a villa in Barbados, please review our two guides below covering this topic.

In our real estate section you will also find real estate agency listings, which will provide you the information on the types of properties available to buy or rent on short and long-term leases.

We offer a guide to the trends in the real estate market to give you an insight into the economic development of Barbados. This will provide you with the information on whether or not buying property in Barbados is the right choice for your real estate investment.

You can also review our guide related to real estate prices, which will advise you on the types of property available to buy and the prices these properties often sell for.

If you’re interest is to rent property in Barbados, we offer a guide on renting property, which provides an outline of the options available to you, when renting or leasing property of various types. Within the section you will find both a guide on residential rentals for a long term lease and our guide for Barbados vacation rentals.

We also offer a complete guide to purchasing Barbados real estate of all types, which contains important information for all property purchases on the island.

Our commercial real estate rental guide provides information on leasing business/commercial property located in Barbados.

You can also learn all about Barbados real estate and can view or promote property listings by real estate agents, brokers offering both rentals and sales at Totally Barbados Real Estate.

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