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While shopping in Barbados, be sure to purchase some of the below souvenirs that make our top 10 things to buy and take home.


Let’s face it, folks, coming to Barbados and not taking back any of our legendary and mighty Rum (trust me when I say it’s pretty potent) is a wasted trip. Bajans are quick to tell the world about our pride and industry and if you do not understand what we mean by this go and pick up a bottle of this inebriation unit and start to drink you’ll get what we are talking about eventually. Enough said!

Arts and Crafts

You must not leave without some of the local arts and craft, for this is the very essence of the cultural experience that you came to Barbados to experience. From the frustrated fisherman who bares his soul in the form of a wood carving, or the nomadic Rastafarian seeking to get by through life by the sale of his leather craft. All of the artwork in Barbados has a story behind it, stories that are as unique as the people who forged them.

Bajan Seasoning

Another must-have for the cooking buff turned momentary tourist; you can take home this exclusive blend of onions, shallots, garlic, scotch bonnet peppers, clove, spices and lime juice to cook up a storm for your friends. Dinner will be on you for weeks to come, and it is not because they want to stare at your tan or holiday photos!

Souvenir T-shirts

Nothing says you were in Barbados other than a T-shirt that means you were in Barbados! These are relatively inexpensive; they look great and come in a variety of colors and designs. So go ahead and pick up one, or two, or twenty – they make great gifts for friends and family who were unable to make the trip!

Luxury and Local Jewelry

While you are picking up some t-shirts, you should grab some accessories, like exquisite luxury jewelry or locally handcrafted shell/bead jewelry.

A beautiful watch or a timeless piece of jewelry from The Royal Shop will keep the memory of your holiday alive for many years to come. These also make great gifts and souvenirs for the family and friends back at home – they’ll love unique local handmade jewelry or maybe a shiny new watch?

Sweet Bread / Coconut Bread

A Bajan tradition, but one that does not need to be limited solely to the Bajan experience, why not take back a little slice of Barbados with you for the rest of the family at home. You may even want to take back the recipe with you as this coconut filled delight makes an excellent dessert on any table anywhere in the world.

Great Cake / Rum Cake

Over the years, one of the most popular things to buy and take home among tourists was always rum, no surprise then that rum in the form of a cake (great cake) would be on this list as well. This delicious pastry is one of Barbados’ most treasured delicacies, and it is ideally suited for the rigors and unseen delays involved in traveling. Its alcoholic content makes sure that this delicacy will not spoil before you reach home.

Tamarind Balls

Another famous confectionery and another excellent example of something you can take back with you. The unique flavor and taste of the tamarind in this sugary treat is quite a singular experience. So why not savor, prolong and extend such singularity by picking up several packets.

Sugar Cake

For all those with a sweet tooth or those who know someone back home with a sweet tooth, Bajan sugar cakes are an excellent choice to take back with you. You can purchase these sugar bundles of joy anywhere on the island.


So you’ve paid for your ticket packed your bags and made the journey to this little island. What better souvenir to take back with you than memories of great times soaking up absolutely everything that this little gem of an island has to offer. Do not be shy or timid, go out there and enjoy all of the attractions, the parties, the beaches, the food, and the clubs that have been designed and created with you, the tourist in mind. Nothing else on this list can compare to what is mostly what you came here for – a relaxing, enjoyable, and fun-filled vacation.