Top 10 Cheap Places to Eat

Barbados is one of the most exceptional islands in the Caribbean, but did you know you can still taste the luxury of this beautiful island for a fraction of the cost?

While great upmarket excellent dining options are abundant, rest assured you can still enjoy the best of a champagne lifestyle in Barbados on a simple beer budget!

Look No Further

Want to eat like a local but not sure where to get the best bang for your buck?

You’ll find this style of eating more off the beaten track and not in your usual tourist haunts, but the team at Totally Barbados has made it easy for you.

Note: All prices are in Barbados/Bajan dollars (BBD).

Top 10 Cheap Places to Eat

1. Trini Doubles

These melt-in-your-mouth Trinidadian favorites are not only cheap and tasty, but they’re also healthy too!

‘Doubles’ are a delightful mix of curried chickpeas (channa), cucumber, mango/tamarind chutney, and hot pepper sauce – all wrapped in a neat parcel of two round pieces of fried flatbread (hence the name ‘double’).

You’ll find them at side-of-the-road marquees (marked ‘Trini Doubles’) in Worthing, Collymore Rock, and Warrens. However, there’s also a permanent stall at Quayside, opposite Accra Beach.

Priced between $3.50/$ four each, you can’t go wrong with a Trini Double!

2. Baxter’s Road

Just on the outskirts of Bridgetown, you’ll find the infamous Baxter’s Road.

Baxter’s Road is known island-wide for its selection of food stalls and bars lining the street, all offering a variety of food at reasonable prices.

Here, you can pick up a good-sized vegetarian plate for close to $10. If fish is more your thing, you’ll get a decent portion of fresh local fish and chips for about $15. If you long for a bit more, for $25, you can get two side dishes (usually macaroni salad and coleslaw), chips, steak fish, macaroni pie, and lettuce.

3. Cuz’s

Just near the Hilton, Pebbles Beach, is another local favorite called ‘Cuz’s.’

You’ll get significant value for your dollar at this little beach shack as you indulge in the best fish cutters on the island – fish, a slice of cheddar, a fried egg, lettuce, with ketchup, pepper sauce, and mustard, all squeezed in between a salt bread bun.

The best part? You can also grab a local Banks beer here and still be within your price range of $10!

4. Street Vendors

There are street vendors galore in Barbados, each with their style of cheap eats for you to sample.

You’ll find many of these vendors in St. Lawrence Gap after dark selling anything from burgers, chips, macaroni pie, and roti, all at budget prices.

There are local ‘lunch vans’ all over the island selling cheap meals like rice and peas, chicken, and sandwiches. There are also ‘bread vans’ driving around local streets (usually in the evenings) selling lentil patties and local pastries like ‘jam puffs.’

If you’re just after a snack, we recommend finding side-of-the-road vendors selling corn on the cob or fresh coconuts – drink the water first, then eat the soft coconut jelly afterward!

5. Rum Shops

There are too many local rum shops/shacks to name here, but you’ll find most of them selling cheaply-priced food and drinks in a fun local environment all over the island.

6. Local Supermarkets/Markets

Why not go to a local supermarket or market and cook up a storm for yourself?

Your dollar goes further here than at the big supercentre-style stores.

Otherwise, there are plenty of fruit and vegetable vendors with stalls all over town and along main roads where you can buy fresh local produce to cook at home.

7. Food Courts/Malls

You’ll find most food courts in Barbados’ malls, such as Sky Mall and Sheraton Centre, selling a variety of international cuisine for close to $10.

You can also try Lantern’s Mall on the south coast, which has many options, such as Subway, roti, and pizza place.

8. Fast Food

Chefette is the leading fast-food restaurant on the island, selling burgers, roti, chicken pieces/ nuggets, pizza, and vegetarian options, all for approximately $10.

There are also KFC and Burger King outlets island-wide, offering lots of cheap eats on the island.

Chicken Barn is another local fast-food favorite and cheap place to eat in Barbados.

Note: There are no Mcdonald’s on the island. According to Telegraph.co.uk, “The only McDonald’s restaurant operated on the Caribbean island (of Barbados) is now a financial services office. The branch opened in 1996 but was shut within the year after struggling to get off the ground. A hostile market, more used to fish, chicken, and pork, was blamed for its short-lived existence.”

For the health-conscious?

Give your digestion a rest, and try a liquid lunch at either Raw Juice Barbados or JENN Health.

9. Raw Juice Barbados

Located at Quayside, opposite Accra Beach, you’ll get a small freshly squeezed natural juice for under $10. Many liquids, smoothies, and protein shakes start at around $11.

10. JENN Health

JENN offers tremendous healthy shakes and power boosters ranging from $7 to $10.

Some outlets offer meals like vegetable lasagne and channa pea stew for reasonable prices and healthy cakes and snacks. Check with individual JENN outlets for prices.

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