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Barbados Nightlife and Clubs

Barbados can offer peace and tranquility for those who seek the ultimate relaxation.

But for those who wish to party day and night, Barbados can also offer non-stop action with a wealth of bars and nightclubs, beach parties, festivals, a piano bar, and live performances from some of the world’s best-known artists.

We have highlighted some of the best party spots, bars, and clubs around Barbados on the south and west coasts.

Check out our monthly event calendars, where you will find all of the national bank holidays, entertainment, business, and sporting events happening in Barbados. Our list is updated daily and can be a great source of information on how to plan your entertainment in Barbados.

Before we embark on our tour of the island’s best day and night spots for entertainment, let us tell you about something that features Barbados’ culture and history very heavily. And that something is rum!

For centuries Barbados has been growing sugar from sugar cane. We then make molasses; this becomes a very potent alcoholic beverage called rum. It is a very light rum and quite pleasant to drink. The name rum is taken from the word rumbustious, as this is its effect on people when consumed. It features most cocktails served in bars and is very strong, especially for people who haven’t drunk it before.

Therefore we at Totally Barbados feel we must advise visitors to drink in moderation and be sensible about the amount of alcohol consumed during their stay. At the same time, we want you to have the best holiday; we also want you to have a safe and pleasant time on the island.

You should also note that Barbados, like other parts of the world, have HIV/AIDS, and therefore you should practice safe sex, as you would at home, and always use protection.

To celebrate the end of the sugar cane cutting, we have a long festival from May until August called Crop Over; this takes place at various venues across the island and is all about music and dance.

Please see the sections listed at the bottom of this page for a full breakdown of events and activities.

The north of the island is relatively quiet, and apart from local rum shops, you won’t find much in the way of party action, but if you head south down to the west coast, you will find plenty of bars and nightlife.

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