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Barbados is nestled just north of the equator in what is known as the tropics. Therefore, this tiny island paradise has a climate blessed with a beautiful weather combination – bright sunshine and cool breezes virtually all year round.

Barbados’s climate is moderately tropical, and you’ll find temperatures reasonably constant, typically between 80-86 degrees Fahrenheit (27-30 degrees Celsius), and 70-76% humidity for most of the year.

The moderately high daytime temperatures are balanced by refreshing, cooler nights thanks to Tradewinds coming in off the Atlantic Ocean, just to the north/northeast of the island.

There are slightly lower temperatures at higher points of the island, and these areas also typically tend to feel more breezy than the other geographically more tropical regions.

Current Weather Forecast for Bridgetown, Barbados

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Climate Change

According to the United Nations Development Programme, “Of the numerous impacts of climate change expected, increases in atmospheric temperature, sea-level rise and changes in weather patterns are expected to pose problems to Barbados.

Changing of the Seasons

Because Barbados is so close to the equator, there are no four distinct seasons. Instead, there is a wet and dry season.

Around December to May is the dry season in Barbados and the ‘winter’ period.

The high season for tourism is also from around mid-December to mid-April, so it coincides with the sunniest and driest (yet not the hottest) weather in Barbados and the summer in the Northern Hemisphere.

The wet season in Barbados also brings with it the Caribbean hurricane season. The rain comes in quick bursts of showers, and more widespread rainfall tends to settle in over the night and early hours of the morning. Never fear; it’s generally a welcome relief from the hot and humid weather typical for that time of year.

The hurricane/wet season begins in June and runs until November, the ‘summer months for the island. It is worth noting that September and October tend to be the most humid months in Barbados, also when there is the highest risk of hurricanes.

The Good News

The excellent news is Barbados usually escape the wrath of the severe tropical storms and hurricanes blowing through the Eastern Caribbean. The island hasn’t experienced any significant hurricanes since Hurricane Janet in 1955.

Because Barbados lies just south of the central hurricane belt, the storms and significant weather systems that move across the Caribbean tend to jump right above or below Barbados, missing the island entirely. Nevertheless, we do still get hit with mild tropical storms. However, these tend only to bring moderate winds and rainfall during the wet season.

Although the wet and hurricane seasons are off-season for tourism, rain, wind, hail, or shine, Barbados remains the gem of the Caribbean and welcomes visitors to its shores all year long!

Check out the Barbados Weather website at www.barbadosweather.org, phone (246) 428-7101, or email [email protected].

What’s The Weather Like Now?

You can click on the trip planner to obtain weather statistics for Grantley Adams International Airport and Weather Station in Barbados based on searched dates from 1997 to the present. Based on historical data, probability (chance of) statistics indicate the likelihood of an event or condition per day.

You can also like to review the weather history and almanacs for the weather in Barbados and astronomy and aviation reports.

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