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    Barbados Spas, Gyms and Health Clubs

    Barbados has multiple first rate spas, gyms and health clubs for you to enjoy while staying fit and relaxed while on vacation in Barbados.

    Just in case lying on a powdery soft white sandy beach, bordered by the cool pristine crystal like turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea, with the gentle island breezes flowing through your hair, while little waves delicately tickle your toes, wasn’t enough to totally relax you, we also have multiple first rate spas in Barbados as well.

    You don’t get to chill out in Barbados often enough, so when you do, we like to make it as fantastic as possible.

    The serene setting at these health and beauty spas in Barbados will just take your breathe away; warm Barbadian sunlight dispersing through sheer curtains only to bounce around on gently pastel walls, then glistening in the clear waters of fountains and waterfalls, flowing water running slowly over smooth river rocks, ambient music playing in the background.

    Did I mention the cool Caribbean breeze helped along by lazy ceiling fans? All of this before you even meet the people who work here.


    Barbados Health and Fitness

    The Bajan population has a very rich diet resulting in an incredibly high rate of diabetes. In fact, we have one of the highest amputee rates in the entire world and it’s because of our diabetic population.

    Other than diabetes, obesity and heart disease are also quite common in Bajans. Even though we wouldn’t like to admit it, alcoholism is another problem as well.

    On the other hand, we also have a staggeringly large number of centenarians on the island and our lives are very low-stress, even stress free.

    However, in the last few years we have wised up to our unhealthy diets, bad choices and lack thereof, as far as exercise goes.

    Barbados has become more health conscious with events popping up year round like the National Trust hikes, hashes, Nation fun ride, fun run, fun walk, and so on, which are geared towards a healthier population.

    Even our general diet has changed slightly as more restaurants and eateries are starting to cater to the health conscious consumer.

    We now have options such as barbecued or baked as opposed to fried, and salads have become increasingly abundant.

    The number of gyms, health clubs and spas in Barbados grows exponentially every year.

    The change is happening slowly, but its happening. We are working hard toward making the next generation of Barbadians healthier and happier.