Barbados Weekly Nightlife Guide

Barbados Weekly Nightlife Guide

Every night is party night in Barbados – with lots of activities to do on both the island’s south and west coast which add to the fun nightlife in Barbados.

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The Boatyard, Bay Street, Bridgetown has the best party around, with drinks free from 8 pm until 2 am and a live band playing the latest in R&B. It’s an outside venue so you can enjoy partying literally on the beach. It is $35 BDS entry.


You can go to Harbour Lights, Bay Street, Bridgetown, which offers a beach BBQ and tropical floor show followed by drinks free party where you can dance the night away under the stars, or there are other locations providing nightlife entertainment with sumptuous meals.


Again tonight you have a choice but St. Lawrence Gap is a happening place to be. There are many available spots where there is much to enjoy regarding both food and entertainment.

While on the west coast on Thursday’s, visit 2nd Street in Holetown to party the night away at one of the many bars in the area.

Visit the Mews Restaurant, Spago, or Elbow Room for a different mood within steps of each other.

Food is served at these locations so that one could spend the entire night “down 2nd Street.”

There is live music playing covering reggae and R&B in St. Lawrence Gap or you can hop over to Sugar (former Ship Inn), where they also have a live band. The admission is usually $20. There is one outside venue where the band plays and one indoor bar representing the latest in the charts for you to boogie on down.


Well, a must, in Barbados is the Bay Garden at Oistins Fish Fry. There you are exposed to a range of Bajan delicacies along with a wide assortment of fish and appetizers.

Oistins on Friday and Saturday nights is a must for both locals and visitors.

Women, for the most part, control the roadside stalls selling delicious fresh cooked fish with salad, rice and peas, and of course the Barbados delicacy of macaroni pie!

Entertainment also makes the Bay Garden at Oistins very enjoyable and relaxing. One section of the entertainment package features old-time dancehall music and the other playing disco, back in time and current R&B. There is also dancing along with drinks at Lexy’s Bar in Oistins.

The whole place is surrounded by rum shops so pick a bench, order your food, get a bottle of rum and party the night away with visitors and locals alike. If you are hard-core, then you may even fancy venturing on to a nightclub afterward, if you do, then it is drinks free again.

Some establishments offer free entry to females between nine and 11 p.m. Another option on Fridays is to head to the west coast in Holetown for dinner at one of the various bars and restaurants including The Mews Restaurant, Spago or Elbow Room.


It’s back to St. Lawrence Gap for all the action tonight with the hot spots, some of them offering back-in-time night, playing all the great sounds of the 1970’s disco fever.

Locations that keep the Saturday night active inspiring. Lime Bar (in Holetown), Tiki Bar, Tapas, and Blakey’s Bar and Restaurant on the Boardwalk all add to the diversity of what goes on in Barbados nightly and especially on a Saturday night.


Traditionally, a quieter night on the party scene compared to other nights, but you can head up to Surfer’s Bay where they serve an Italian Buffet and have a live guitarist. Visitors and locals are looking to end the weekend at this favorite hangout.

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