Moving to Barbados

Moving to Barbados

Do you want to know all about moving to Barbados? Look no further because “Totally Barbados” has all the information you could need, and all in one place! :-)

Our guide to moving and living in Barbados provides you with the ‘need to know’ details to help make your big move as smooth and stress-free as possible.

Still not sure if it’s the right step for you to relocate to the island? No need to worry – we’ll also provide you with that extra bit of encouragement you may need to decide once and for all, to move to Barbados.

You might ask – why on earth would anyone want to pack up all of their belongings and move to a new country?

There are many reasons someone might choose to relocate to Barbados – a new job or career, a new spouse, the desire to learn a new language or further your studies, or even retirement.

What matters most is that you are as fully informed and prepared as possible, before you set out on your relocation.

Why Barbados?

Why choose an island like Barbados to spend the better part of your life?

For some, the answer is obvious. It’s an island paradise!

For others, the decision is not quite so clear-cut, and perhaps you need more information to be confident you are making a sound, educated decision. After all, it’s a decision that’s likely to affect many aspects of your life, at least for the next few years.

You’ll soon realize there are many things you need to know and consider before you pack up your bags and head off to live in the Caribbean.

Here at Totally Barbados, you will find the essential information on moving to Barbados – the economy and culture of the island, the real estate market, and the educational system.

These are just some of the essential factors you might like to research before cementing your decision to move to Barbados and create a new home for you, and your family.

You might wish to go to Barbados for the sunny climate, white sandy beaches, and great nightlife?

If that’s not on your list of priorities, what about the stable political environment and economy, booming real estate market which is perfect for investors, low-crime rate, high literacy level, or quite simply, the quality of life?

It seems like a clear-cut decision, but if you still need even more reasons to come to live in Barbados, check out Why Choose Barbados as Your Home?

An Insight

It’s no secret that Barbados enjoys warm temperatures and beautiful tropical weather all year round.

Barbados’ landscape, with its beautiful beaches along the coastline, lush greenery in the countryside, long stable history, and its lively culture and customs, makes it perfect not only for a living but also a visitor’s dream vacation.

In fact, tourism is Barbados’ number one foreign exchange earner, and during peak season you’ll find a great mix of tourists and locals socializing and going about their daily life, side by side.

In fact, what makes Barbados so unique is that it doesn’t take long for you to be embraced as a local (or an honorary ‘Bajan’). Enthusiasm and a smile go a long way in Barbados, and if you ‘walk the walk’ and ‘talk the talk’ Bajan style, you’ll make lifelong friends from all over the island in no time!

Manage Your Expectations

Barbados is home to roughly 280,000 people sharing approximately 166 square miles (431 square kilometers) of land, making it one of the most densely populated countries in the world.

Personal space and time are a highly valuable commodity here on the island. It’s important to remember that things in Barbados don’t always run as smoothly or quickly as you would hope for, especially if you’re not familiarized with our concept of ‘island time’! :-)

The reality of island time means you will often need to manage your attitude and expectations of others not to let it negatively impact on your relocation experience and adjustment to life on the island. Patience is a virtue you must possess if you are to settle into island life smoothly.

Therefore, it’s important to be realistic about your move – Barbados might seem like a piece of paradise to some, but it is still indeed a developing country, restricted by the boundaries of the sea, and for the most part is no more significant than the majority of urban cities around the world.

Being as prepared as possible before your move, and managing your expectations about life on the island, can help to eliminate stress and frustration during your relocation, and most importantly about your new life in Barbados, once you arrive.

It’s essential to realize that adapting to a new culture and a new way of life can take some time. You may feel a roller-coaster of emotions, commonly known as culture shock.

For a more in-depth understanding of this fascinating phenomenon, see our Totally Barbados article on Culture Shock – it’s well worth a read, especially if it’s looking likely that you will take that big step and move to Barbados.

What to Pack?

When it comes to your final preparations, knowing what items to pack in your suitcase for the journey and for settling yourself once you arrive, and which ones to ship by sea at a later date, is another critical factor to consider when moving to Barbados.

In fact, Living in Barbados has an entire section devoted to helping you decide your plan of attack for the move, including a checklist of things you should do or consider before you embark on your journey.

How much money you might need to live on each month is another significant consideration. Budgeting, of course, depends on the standard of living you desire and your budget, however, do consider the cost of living in Barbados is quite high and may surprise you upon your arrival.

Imported items come with specific duties and taxes (sometimes costly ones), so buying local or CARICOM products is a much more economical choice if your budget is tight.

You might find the information on the final preparations page helpful when you’re starting to get your packing in order and finalizing your relocation paperwork. Good luck from the team at Totally Barbados!

We, at Totally Barbados, understand that moving to a new country can sometimes be a daunting and overwhelming experience, to say the least, but try not to get caught up in everything all at once.

Take in all the information at your own pace, one step at a time, and follow this guide carefully to be prepared for as much as possible.

Preparation helps to avoid surprises and reduce stress. You will then find you have much more time and opportunity to relax and congratulate yourself for moving to Barbados.

We hope these pages give you an honest and descriptive picture of what makes Barbados so unique and really like no other place in the world.

We wish you all the very best with your move and hope you come to appreciate this precious and blessed little island, as much as we do.

For more information, you can also refer to Living in Barbados.


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