Top 10 Things to Do on a Budget

Top 10 Things to Do on a Budget in Barbados

Barbados on a Budget

Do you want to see all that Barbados has to offer, but don’t want to go over your budget? Rest assured, your Barbados experience doesn’t have to be high-end. There’s still so much you can do, even on a tight budget.

Enjoy this budget-friendly Top 10 List from Totally Barbados

1. Rent a Cheap Car

Get yourself a map, highlight areas of interest, and take yourself on an island tour. And, because Barbados is small, it doesn’t take too long (or too much gas money) to get you anywhere. There are plenty of budget car rental companies on the island to hire a car for a reasonable price. You’ll find that most companies have discounted rates, the longer you rent a car from them. If you want to know more? See our Car Rentals and Hire listings and contact companies directly for their rates.

2. Eat like a Local Barbadian (Bajan)

If you want to eat food like a local, try eating from local food vans or street vendors. You’ll find lots of these after dark in St. Lawrence Gap. They sell a whole range of budget treats like burgers, chips, macaroni pie, and roti. There’s also the option of local ‘lunch vans’ who you’ll see parked all over the island, but not always in the same location. They sell meals like rice and peas, chicken, and sandwiches, all at budget prices. Do you want to know more? Visit our selection of Top 10 Places to Eat for under $10.

3. Oistins Fish Fry

Friday night at Oistins is an institution in Barbados. It starts at 6 pm and lasts till the early hours of the morning, with freshly cooked fish, local rum, and a DJ to get the party started. The entertainment is free, and a plate of food (usually fresh fish with chips (fries), salad and macaroni pie) costs around BBD 25. You can also stroll along the market stalls selling local art and craft, also for reasonable prices. Do you want to know more? Learn about the ‘Barbados Fish Fry’ for everything you need to know about Oistins and other cheap local fish fries.

4. Go Catamaran Sailing

Who says catamaran sailing has to be exclusive and expensive? Not us! Most cruises are all-inclusive, so you know exactly how much your spending, and don’t need to worry about going over budget. The average cruise costs between $80 to USD 100, however, some of the more basic catamarans charge USD 60 for 5 hours of fun, food, and entertainment on the water.

5. Go to the Cinema to Watch a Movie

Why not take some time out of the sun and watch a movie in Barbados? There’s Olympus Theatres at Sheraton Centre on the south coast or Limegrove Cinemas on the west coast. Both show all the latest new-releases with a range of session times, to suit any traveling movie buff. Prices start from BBD 16 for adults at Sheraton and BBD 25 at Limegrove.

6. Take a Bus Tour

If you’re on a tight budget but are still keen to see all the island has to offer, why not jump on a local bus? You have three kinds to choose from; the big blue Transport Board buses, yellow mini-vans, and white ZR vans. It’s only a standard $2 bus fare (as of June 2015) one-way to jump on and see the sights of Barbados at a fraction of the cost of a guided tour or car rental.

7. Visit the Historic Garrison Area

Located just on the outskirts of Bridgetown, is the historic Garrison. Here you’ll find numerous historic buildings to explore, including the Garrison Savannah racetrack, the Barbados Museum and Historical Society, George Washington House, and the Garrison tunnels, just to name a few. This UNESCO World Heritage site is said to be the most authentic and complete 18th and 19th-century British garrison in the world, and there’s so much for you to see and do, all on a budget.

8. Explore the Parliament Buildings

Located in the heart of Bridgetown, the Parliament Buildings of Barbados were built between 1870 and 1874, and are part of the UNESCO World Heritage listing that includes the Garrison. Not only can you admire the beautiful architecture of the buildings, but you can also take a tour of the Barbados Museum of Parliament and National Heroes Gallery. Admission is BBD 10, so it’s perfect for those on a budget.

9. Spend a day at Accra Beach

Accra Beach is a major tourist hotspot in Barbados. Located on the south coast, Accra is not only great for swimming, socializing, and soaking up the sun, but you can rent yourself a beach chair and umbrella for the day, for a reasonable price. There are several beachside bars here selling local food, drinks, and even mixed cocktails that you can take away to sip at your leisure. You’ll also get deals on local Banks beer as well, for example, 3 or 4 beers for $10, depending on the vendor.

10. Sing karaoke

Singing Karaoke is a favorite Bajan pastime, and there are karaoke bars all over the island. It’s free to take the mic and serenade the crowd, and there’s always an eager audience. You’d be surprised at just how many locals also get in on the action. Your only cost here is how many drinks it takes you to pluck up the courage to belt out your favorite tune.

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By: Brett Callaghan

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