Tourist Attractions in St. Michael

Barbados Tourist Attractions in St. Michael

The parish of St. Michael is where you will find the capital city of Barbados, which is Bridgetown.

Therefore you would expect to find many tourist attractions in St. Michael and below you will find a brief description of some interesting things to do while in this parish.

The parish of St. Michael runs from the Garrison Savannah, through Bridgetown and up on the west coast until you get to Paynes Bay.

So starting at the Garrison Savannah, you will find some attractions in this old military fort. The first being the Barbados Turf Club who hold race meetings every other Saturday. Horse racing is a great day out for the entire family and well worth a visit while passing through this parish. Please see our article on horse racing for more information.

In the same area is the Barbados Museum, which depicts the history of Barbados from the very first settlers right through to modern day displays. It is a fascinating tour through the museum for the history buffs among you as well as those who are just interested in the heritage and culture of Barbados; even the children will enjoy a visit here.

Another attraction at the Garrison Savannah is George Washington House, which has recently been refurbished and renovated to the period of when George Washington stayed there for two months while his brother was recuperating from the smallpox virus.

The last attraction at the Garrison Savannah is St. Ann’s Fort, which is a military museum giving a guided tour of the military through the years in Barbados.

As you continue along Highway Seven towards Bridgetown, you will see the first of the city’s two cathedrals on your right, and that is the Roman Catholic St. Patrick’s Cathedral, where there is a daily mass held at noon.

Just along the main road from St. Patrick’s RC Cathedral towards Bridgetown is Carlisle Bay, a lovely bay popular for mooring yachts and which boasts an underwater dive park. There is a host of sunken ships and boats, which have created a natural habitat for marine life and is a popular dive site.

As a cruise passenger, it is the picture-perfect way to spend your day in paradise.

Also located in this bay is a favorite beach bar, The Boatyard, which is busy day and night. During the day you can get sun loungers, umbrellas and there are plenty of activities in the water to keep everyone amused including a giant iceberg in the sea to climb. This is also the boarding point for some of the available catamaran cruises. By night The Boatyard is transformed into a nightclub often with live performances from some of the island’s leading bands.

Once inside Bridgetown itself you will find the other cathedral, which is St. Michaels Cathedral, this is open all day for you to look around. If you are interested in religious buildings, then you must try to visit the Jewish Synagogue in Bridgetown, as it is one of the oldest in the world. For further information, please read the articles below.

The Barbados National Heroes Gallery and Barbados Museum of Parliament invite you to explore the development of democracy in Barbados and the role that the island’s people have played in this growth.

Both are housed in the historic West Wing of Parliament and offer a combination of traditional exhibits, artistic interpretation, and modern interactive museum experience.

If you are interested in theatre, then you will find the Frank Collymore Hall in Bridgetown, which shows regular productions.

At the bottom of Broad Street, you will find the Careenage, where a lot of the charter fishing boats are based and where you can board some of the other catamaran cruises. There are some beautiful boutiques located on this stretch with excellent cafés for eating and drinking and watching the world go.

Bridgetown is also the best place for duty-free shopping, with Broad Street being the main road running through the city center. If you are looking for souvenirs to take home, then you need to head out towards the Port, where you will find the Pelican Craft Centre. Here you will find unique original pieces created on-site at the many studios’ open for you to look around. There are sculptures, pottery, art and leather goods for sale. For more information on shopping in Barbados, please see our links to the right.

At the very end of Fontabelle, which runs parallel behind the Pelican Craft Centre you will find the Barbadian home of Cricket, and that is the recently renovated Kensington Oval, which was host to the ICC Cricket World Cup Final in 2007. For further information on the ground and cricket in Barbados, please click on the link below.

In this same area you will find Tyrol Cot, now a heritage center dedicated to its former inhabitants, who were Sir Grantley Adams, the first Prime Minister of Barbados and his son Tom Adams who was also a former Prime Minister of Barbados. For more information, please see the links to the right of this page.

Now if you head out onto the Spring Garden Highway the first tourist attraction that you will come across on your left is the Atlantis Submarine, which is a great attraction for children and adults.

On your right along the same highway, you will find the Mount Gay Rum Distillery, which offers a history of Mount Gay rum in Barbados, a full tour of the factory and a nice café for lunch and a drink afterward.

The last tourist attraction as you head towards the west coast, but still on the Spring Garden Highway is the Cockspur Visitor Centre, which sits on the beautiful Brighton Beach. Here you can enjoy lunch, beach chairs and umbrellas and of course, Cockspur Rum!