Island Tours of Barbados and Tour Operators

To come to Barbados and not take a tour of the island would really be a mistake. There are just so many natural, man-made and historical wonders on our small island that it would be a shame to miss them all.

We offer so many different ways to tour the island that there’s sure to be something to suit you. Tours can be as general as visiting all the old historical buildings, for the history buffs, while other tours take you deep into the most remote, untouched areas of Barbados.

Some of the island tours take you in the back of an open-air all-terrain vehicle, literally all over the island. North, south, east and west, these tours are specially designed to ensure that you truly see as much as possible of our island home.

Most taxis offer an island tour package where the driver will basically take you to all the significant places of interest in Barbados, tell you a bit about our paradise and will take you anywhere else you may want to go. This type of tour offers a bit more flexibility but still assures a well-experienced tour guide.

Another option is to jump into your rental car with a map and a cooler and set out on your own – an adventure which allows you to go only where you want to go, in your own time with your own style. You could also join local groups who have regularly scheduled island expeditions either on foot, on horseback, or by bicycle.

If you don’t do an island tour of Barbados at least once, you will be missing out on a lot, and with so many versatile ways to take a tour, there’s really no reason not to.

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