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Taxi Your Way Through Barbados

Local taxis are readily available in Barbados. They’ll happily take you wherever you need to go, at basically whatever given hour you desire.

From Grantley Adams International Airport (GAIA), you will easily find a taxi to transport you to your next destination. You can expect to pay between $40 to BBD 50 ($20 to USD 25) to travel from the airport to Bridgetown, the island’s capital.

Note: Our Totally Barbados fare estimates are current as of December 2014.

Barbados’ taxi drivers are generally fair and will not try to trick foreigners. However, it is worth noting that local taxis do not operate on a meter system. Therefore, it is imperative to establish an agreed fare with the driver up front before accepting a taxi ride.

Remember that the government regulates the fares, and most drivers are very reasonable and happy to take on the work.

You’ll find that most taxis will also offer special island tours for a reasonable price. For a flat rate, they’ll take you to various tourist hot spots throughout the island, showing you the sights from a local perspective.

How Do I Get A Taxi In Barbados?

There are many ways you can get a taxi in Barbados. If you’re staying in a hotel, ask the reception desk to have one called for you.

Another option is to call a taxi. Once you have driven with them, most taxi drivers will offer you their business cards and personal cell phone number so you can call them whenever you need to.

You can also go to a taxi rank or a well-known hot spot for taxis. You’ll find cabs waiting for potential passengers in many places, but especially in the known tourist areas such as Accra Beach, in Bridgetown outside Jordan’s Supermarket (and near the leading supermarkets on the island) and in Broad Street, St. Lawrence Gap, and close to the island’s bus terminals.

Finally, you can also try your luck at hailing one on the street. This shouldn’t be too difficult – you’ll soon notice that you’ll be asked many times if you’d like a taxi as you do your business, especially if you’re in town. Taxi drivers in Barbados are always on the lookout for new customers.

Tip: A standard taxi (sedan car) is differentiated from a taxi van. If you need extra space and require a van, do expect the fare to be slightly higher than a regular taxi because of the size of the vehicle.

The private taxi vans or small mini buses have a license plate starting with ‘ZM‘ – not to be confused with the local public transport minivans whose license plates begin with ‘ZR.’

Happy travelling from the team at Totally Barbados!

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