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About the Company – Totally Barbados

Barbados Island Guide by Totally Barbados consists of a small team working within the company to bring you the best experiences for both locals and visitors of Barbados. Our team members comprise two, three, and sometimes four or more honest and hardworking individuals who put thought into making it easier for you to learn more about the island of Barbados.

We are committed to caring genuinely about the products and services we provide, and quality is our top priority. Loving what we do helps us find the right clients, businesses, investors, and ideal people to work with – those who value our input and also happen to be friendly, helpful, and genuine human beings.

Our company values – honesty, hard work, and trust. Because of this, our highly recommended clients and their audiences lead better, more comfortable, and more productive, happier lives.

We can come to work each day with smiles on our faces.

Totally Barbados

Brett Callaghan – a professional thoroughbred horse racing jockey from 1989 – 1998, who has been the founding manager and director of Totally Barbados (2005 to the current date), continues to be innovative in promoting the island of Barbados.

“We relaunched a new website built from the ground up, on November 22nd, 2016, and now cater to all mobile devices, cell phones, tablets, iPad’s and desktop devices.”

The team provides Google map locations of many events and activities within our Barbados Events Calendar Guide.


The brainchild of Totally Barbados is 47-years-old (2022). , a famous former jockey from the Garrison Savannah racetrack in Barbados and at the Woodbine racetrack in the Canadian city of Toronto.

After retiring from the horse racing game as a professional jockey of 10 years, Brett returned to school in Toronto when he was 24 years old to study and earn his certificate as a qualified Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE). Brett worked at CIBC Mortgages Inc. in Toronto for the next six years upon receiving this document.

Brett quit his job as a Senior Technical Analyst with CIBC Mortgages in Toronto, Canada, in March 2005 to embark on his vision to develop a Barbados Island Guide. Brett envisioned a website covering every topic, angle, and aspect of anything anyone would want to know about the island.

The Owner, Founder, and Managing Director

Even with the existing websites covering various topics about Barbados, Brett thought it vital to encompass all aspects of Barbadian life. It would appeal to visitors and locals that run the gamut from booking their vacations, building a home, establishing a business, and investing in the economy.

This website was to be ‘totally’ about Barbados.

About Barbados

Totally Barbados includes features such as the local time, weather, a weekly newsletter, upcoming social events, and the top places to eat in Barbados.

After only one year and ten months in existence on the web promoting everything there is to know about Barbados, Totally Barbados was a finalist in the Barbados Tourism Awards 2007 and finished within the top 3 companies in Barbados that supports the Tourism Industry.

Totally Barbados received the 14th Annual World Travel Awards 2007 for “The Caribbean’s Leading Overall Travel Information Website” at the gala ceremony in the Turks & Caicos Islands.

YouTube Interview with Brett Callaghan, after winning the Caribbean’s Leading Travel Information Website for 2007.

Totally Barbados was again voted The Caribbean’s Leading Overall Travel Information Website by over 167,000 travel professionals, including more than 110,000 travel agents at the World Travel Awards 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 & 2011. These awards are the most prestigious in the global tourism industry. Read more about the World Travel Awards.

Brett Callaghan and Totally Barbados took it to the next level in December 2008 by not only winning the best in the Caribbean but for the entire World, with the award presented for being the “Leading Travel Destination Website for 2008.”

Totally Barbados gained further recognition on November 7th and 8th, 2009, when it also captured the year’s award for the “World’s Leading Travel Destination Website” for 2009 and 2010.

With these significant accomplishments in such a short time, Totally Barbados hopes to continue to welcome the World to Barbados.

Totally Barbados Website Wins Major Travel Awards

» 2011 Caribbean’s Leading Travel Destination Website

» 2010 World’s Leading Travel Destination Website

» 2010 Caribbean’s Leading Travel Destination Website

» World Travel Awards – Totally Barbados Profile

» Caribbean Marketplace 2010 Spotlight: Totally Barbados

» 2009 Photos: World Travel Awards with Miss World Contestants

» 2009 Breaking Travel News interview for World Travel Awards

» 2009 TV interview for World Travel Awards and Breaking Travel News

» 2007 Award: Caribbean’s Leading Travel Information Website


The company was incorporated under the Companies Act of Barbados as Totally (Barbados) Inc. on February 21st, 2005. The company name was changed to Brecal Inc. on May 23rd, 2006, as a company No. 24882. Totally Barbados (Information Technology Consulting) has been registered in the Register of Business Names under No. 33504 as of the date June 2nd of 2006.

Totally Barbados / Brecal Inc.,
140 B Durants Fairways,
Christ Church,

+1 (246) 572-2420

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