Top 10 Barbados Rum Shops

Top 10 Barbados Rum Shops

With so many rum shops to choose from, “Totally Barbados” has selected a few that are worth the drive to find and some of the livelier ones located on the South Coast of Barbados.

This list is not conclusive, nor are they in any order to suggest one is better than another, especially if some didn’t make our top 10 or 20 list.

Exploring the Top 1- to 25 Rum Shops in Barbados:

A Journey Through Authentic Island Flavor

Barbados, known as the birthplace of rum, is home to an incredible array of rum shops, each offering a unique slice of Bajan culture and hospitality.

In this guide, we take you on a tour of the top 25 rum shops across the island, complete with addresses and driving directions, ensuring you can fully immerse yourself in this quintessential Barbadian experience.

1. Fredrika’s Rum Shop – is a local favorite near the Garrison Savannah horse racing track and offers a genuine Bajan rum shop experience. It’s a hidden gem that’s well worth the visit.

2. Kermit’s Bar – Thornbury Hill, Christ Church.

Driving Directions: Typically, if you’re coming from Bridgetown (the capital of Barbados), you would head south, possibly via Highway 7 (also known as the South Coast Road), and then navigate inland towards the Thornbury Hill area. Since specific street addresses can be less common in some parts of Barbados, it’s often helpful to use GPS navigation or ask locals for directions once you’re in the general vicinity of Thornbury Hill.

3. Chris’ Place Bar & Variety – Known for its lively ambiance, Chris’ Place is a cornerstone of Barbados’ rum culture.

4. Chicken Ritas – This iconic rum shop is renowned for its rum and authentic Bajan cuisine, making it a must-visit spot.

Directions – Head along the south coast main road towards the airport until you get to Oistins. At the fork in the road, turn right, heading towards Silver Sands, and continue up this road until you come to an oval-shaped roundabout. Turn right and follow the road until you come to St. Christopher’s Church. Turn right and follow the road for about half a mile, then take the next turn on your left. At the end of this road, you will see Chicken Rita’s right in front of you. We advise you to call in advance and order how many pieces of chicken you wish, as everything is cooked fresh to order. The telephone number is (246) 428-6873.

5. London Bar – London Bar offers a warm, welcoming atmosphere and a great selection of rums.

Directions – Head along the south coast main road towards the airport until you get to Oistins. At the fork in the road, turn right, heading towards Silver Sands, and continue up this road until you come to an oval-shaped roundabout. Go straight over and follow the road until you come to Roy Smiths – another rum shop. Turn right here and follow the road down until you reach Silver Sands Recreational Park at the bottom; you will see the skeleton of a large boat on your right, and London Bar is on your left.

6. Hercules Bar – Oistins, Christ Church.

Directions: Drive along the southern main road into Oistins. Hercules Bar is a prominent spot in the area, known for its friendly vibe. Heading from Bridgetown towards the airport, you will see Hercules Bar on your left on Oistins Main Rd.

7. Lexie’s Bar – Location: Oistins Fish Vendors Market, Christ Church
Directions: In Oistins Fish Vendors Market, Lexie’s Bar is a great spot to enjoy a drink amidst the local market atmosphere.

8. Cool Castaways – Offers a relaxing environment in which to enjoy various rum blends with beautiful views.

9. Braddy’s Bar – Six Men’s, St. Peter – Directions: Head north on Highway 1 towards Speightstown and follow the signs to Six Men’s. Braddy’s Bar is known for its traditional Bajan charm.

10. Crystal Waters – A perfect beachfront location for pairing their rum with stunning ocean views.

11. Lemon Arbor – Popular among locals, this shop is famous for its lively weekend scenes and excellent rum selection.

Directions – Head to the parish of St. John and look for Four Cross Roads. The turning for Lemon Arbor is on your left before the Texaco station, and then you will see a turning on your right. Here, you will see many parked cars; park wherever you can and follow your nose for the smell of home cooking, and you will find the rum shop.

This place isn’t easy to find, but once in the parish of St. John, ask a local, and they will point you in the right direction. You will know you are in the right place as you see parked cars with registration plates from every part of the island.

12. Nigel Benn Auntie Bar – A cozy and welcoming spot, perfect for experiencing local flavors and hospitality. Nigel Benn Auntie Bar is located in the parish of St. Andrew, just along Highway 2 from Bellaplaine, and again, not likely to be near where you are staying. However, if you are driving around the island, this rum shop is well worth visiting.

Nigel Benn is a famous boxer from the UK, and his aunt has maximized her marketing potential by naming her Bar after him. The walls are lined with family photographs of the boxer with his Barbadian family.

Auntie Lucile is always pleased to see visitors and insists you sign her visitor’s book.

There is a jukebox left over from some time in the 60s with the original tracks, and the fun is always seeing if it is working.

You will pass this Bar as you drive up the east coast and head towards the St. Lucy’s Parish Church roundabout. The rum shop is on your right, just before the bend.

13. Garry’s Rum Punch – A must-visit for rum punch enthusiasts, offering various flavors.

14. The Golden Anchor – An iconic spot known for its extensive rum collection and picturesque setting.

15. Old Brigand Rum Shop – A traditional rum shop with a rich history and a wide array of rum selections.

16. Rum Stop – A modern twist on the classic rum shop, offering innovative rum cocktails and a vibrant atmosphere.

17. The Bush Bar – Pile Bay, Off Spring Garden Highway, St Michael.

Directions: Located near Pile Bay, this shop is easily accessible from the Spring Garden Highway, offering a unique beachside rum experience.

18. The Bay Tavern – Martins Bay, St Joseph.

Directions: Nestled in Martins Bay, this tavern is a scenic drive along the East Coast roads, offering breathtaking views and authentic rum flavors.

19. St Elmo’s Bar – Moon Town, Half Moon Fort, St Lucy.

Directions: Located in the northern part of the island, St Elmo’s Bar is accessible via the west coast road, offering an authentic Bajan vibe.

20. Fisherman’s Pub – Queen Street, Speightstown, St Peter.

Directions: Situated in the heart of Speightstown, this pub is a short drive north along Highway 1, offering a blend of history and local rum culture.

21. John Moore’s Bar – Weston, St. James (Highway 1).

Directions: Located directly on Highway 1 in Weston, this Bar is a staple in the Barbadian rum shop scene.

22. The Village Bar (aka Lemon Arbor) – Lemon Arbor, St. John.

Directions: In the rural parish of St. John, this Bar is a journey into the countryside, offering a tranquil rum experience.

The list continues with other notable spots like De Garage, The Lazy Mongoose, and Rum & Sugar Bar.

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