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For further driving instructions and links to other roundabout pages, please review the information below the article.

What are they?

Roundabouts or Traffic Circles were implemented to encourage the free flow of traffic through major intersections throughout the island. As Roundabouts are an integral part of the traffic system in Barbados, it is important to understand how to use them safely.


What side do I drive on?

Firstly, please note that as a former British colony, driving in Barbados is based on the British system – that is to say ‘PLEASE drive on the left!’ The steering wheel of most vehicles is positioned on the right hand side of the vehicle.


How many lanes?

Roundabouts in Barbados have two lanes:

(1) The Outside Lane (left most lane): is generally used by those vehicles wishing to exit at the first left exit road.
(2) The Inside Lane: is used by those vehicles wishing to exit at the second or third exit road.

Please note some drivers also use the outside lane to access the second exit (jam-busting), while this is not a recommended practice, it is important to exercise caution when using roundabouts.


Flow of Traffic and Navigating Roundabouts

All traffic flows around roundabouts in a clockwise direction. Upon approaching a roundabout – SLOW DOWN! Look right and wait for a break in traffic before merging with the oncoming vehicles. Leave the circle by using your indicator and turn left onto the road of your choice.

Each Roundabout in Barbados has signage. Some Traffic Circles have been honoured with the name of a prominent Barbadian. These signs therefore assist drivers with navigation of the island and are also a medium through which public recognition and island pride are shown for individuals who have made a positive contribution to the development of the island.

Upon leaving the airport you may travel along the ABC Highway. ABC represents the following noted Barbadian Prime Ministers in Barbadian history:

• Tom Adams
• Errol Barrow
• Sir Hugh Gordon Sylvester Cummings

There are approximately 13 roundabouts on the ABC Highway but the island’s traffic system includes others. Please feel free to browse those listed below for detail information and photos.

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