Water Sports

Water Sports in Barbados

Water Sports in Barbados

When in Barbados, on one of our glorious beaches, particularly those along the south and west coasts, be sure to keep your eyes peeled for any of the numerous Water Sports operators.

Water Sports are extremely popular in Barbados and it’s definitely a very fun way to pass the day or even half an hour. Zipping up and down the coasts are jet skis, water skiers, banana boats, doughnuts, parasailors, Hobie cats, and kneeboarders. There is no shortage of things to do and the operators are never too far away.

Water Sports provides a day of excitement for the whole family, even those who don’t want to partake themselves can sit in the boat and enjoy the ride, taking the opportunity to snap some great pictures.

The banana boat and the doughnuts are particularly fun for the kids, or the kids at heart, as you skip across the sea in a giant, soft, inflated toy. It’s very exciting and makes for great photos when the banana or doughnuts flip over, spilling passengers in all directions. Don’t worry though, it doesn’t hurt, you’ll be fine, the boat will turn around immediately and come back for you. This, however, is the reason that the operators need to be so adamant about lifejackets.

Parasailing is truly a once in a lifetime experience as it gives you the opportunity to soar high above the sea strapped onto a parachute getting a bird’s eye view of the island and water surrounding you. It’s amazing that even from all the way up there you can still quite clearly see the deep reefs below you. Sometimes it may feel as though you’re over the land, but rest assured, you’re just that high up. Parasailing proves to be both extremely relaxing while simultaneously being an exciting and heart-pounding experience.

Hobie Sailing is great fun for the whole family especially for seasoned sailors looking for a joy ride. Hobie Cats are very small catamarans designed for casual day sailing, they can either skip across the water thrillingly fast or cruise on by slowly and gently, whichever you prefer.

Jet Skiing, Water Skiing, and Knee Boarding are all very exciting options and often prove to be the more popular choice of activity; all three of these can be very high paced adventures but are always great fun.

You can always specify to the operator what kind of ride you would like, if you’d like to go fast or whether you’d like to just take it easy, the operators are very accommodating.

Whatever your level of expertise on these devices may be, the operators are always eager to help you out with simple tips and suggestions as you bounce on top of the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean Sea.

Author: Brett Callaghan

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