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Great Barbados Vacation Experiences

My name is Anna Page. I thought I knew my island but I quickly discovered that there are many diverse events happening in Barbados, with lots to experience.

I set myself a personal goal to get out of my comfort zone and experience a different one each week. Please read on and learn how beautiful Barbados is, with me.

How it all Started

Being so impressed with these experiences in Barbados, I decided to blog about them for my own personal account. After sending one of my blogs to my boss (who thoroughly enjoyed it:-), he asked if it could be posted online for others to read.

Please Note: These events are randomly chosen by myself and all words are my personal thoughts and experiences about Barbados. Feel free to send me the details of any event that you suggest I blog about in Barbados.

On our website you can see details of all kinds of events, activities and things to do in Barbados.

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