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Are you looking for memorable experiences in Barbados that happens once in a lifetime? Get tips for highly recommended things to do in Barbados from our wandering travel writer.

Of the various things to do in Barbados, you will find reviews, recommendations, and photos that are helpful and trustworthy to all visitors.

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Experiences in Barbados by the Wandering Travel Writer
Reviews, Recommendations, and Photos

Erika Young has traveled the world to over 80 different countries since January 6th, 2012 and has experienced new cultures and many interesting people from around the globe.

One of the first places she traveled to was Barbados, and it was love at first sight. She felt connected to the people, devoured the food, and most of all appreciated the culture of this small island.

Out of the many countries, her experiences in Barbados rates right up at the top. Erika says “There’s something about the energy of the island that keeps bringing me back year after year… it’s magnetic“.

She has now become an “adopted Bajan” among the locals and has learned the ins and outs of her island home away from the road. She finds pleasure in introducing hidden treasures to locals as well as guiding visitors through their first exposure to this magical place.

Erika is an energetic, ambitious, fun-loving person who has taken the risk by leaving her secure job as a successful hairstylist is Northern California to start exploring the world. With a one way ticket out of the country and just a backpack, she began her career as a travel writer.

She has continued to share her experiences of a wandering travel writer through hundreds of articles on her travel blog herhappytrails.com of all the places she has visited.

Her adventures have ranged from volunteering at a number orphanages, working in international salons, cooking at retreats, farming, bartending and even extending to learning how to blow glass jewelry from locals in New Zealand.

Through her authentic style of writing, she has inspired like-minded people to follow in her foot’s steps and live outside the programmed way of life.

Erika Young

Her Happy Trails with the Wandering Travel Writer – Erika Young.