East Coast Accommodation

Barbados East Coast Accommodation

When deciding on where you would like to stay in Barbados, you might consider the east coast of the island if you are looking for absolute peace and tranquillity.

The Barbados East Coast is stunning; the views from Bathsheba are breathtaking, with dramatic rugged cliffs and the crashing waves of the Atlantic Ocean.

East coast accommodation is slightly different from the rest of the island, and here you can rent a beach house, which can be quite basic compared to the luxury that you can expect from the south and west coasts.

The reason for this is that sea spray erodes appliances and furnishings, so they are replaced frequently and therefore it is not worth the expense of refurbishing to a high standard every time.

These beach houses are rented out at very competitive rates and are ideal for fresh air, relaxation, and unwinding.

The east coast also has a couple of established hotels in Bathsheba such as the Atlantis Hotel and the Edgewater Inn, both of which are family run and offer excellent accommodation and cuisine. The rooms here are fully equipped, and you have the benefit of a swimming pool.

On the east coast, you can enjoy deserted beaches with rock pools for swimming, as the current in the sea is powerful and swimming is not advised. Bathsheba is very popular with professional surfers as it is home to the ‘soup bowl,’ an excellent set of breaking waves. Even if you don’t surf yourself, it is a fantastic spectator sport. In November each year, the Reef Surf competition is held there.

In making your decision of where to stay, you need to decide on the best type of accommodation for your group; if you are traveling just with your partner, then you might benefit from some quality time alone together, in which case a hotel on the east coast would be perfect.

Perhaps you are traveling with a young family, in which case the east coast probably doesn’t have much to keep the little ones entertained, and there are no supermarkets close by if you need some essentials, so you should look at the accommodation on the south or west coasts,

However, if you are traveling in a large group then renting a beach house can be a lot of fun, there are plenty to rent in Barclays Park and lots of beautiful places to eat and drink such as The Round House in Bathsheba.

But be warned there is not much nightlife on this coast and we advise that you hire a car as you will need to go to the south or west coast for all food and duty-free shopping.

So if you want to surf or just want to go for long walks along deserted beaches and enjoy stunning scenery, then the Barbados east coast is where you want to get your accommodation.


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