St. Lawrence Gap

St. Lawrence Gap, also known as “The Gap” by locals, is a small street on the south coast of Barbados in the parish of Christ Church. The Gap is a unique area where young teens and senior citizens walk side by side, and Tequila shots and Sunday Mass are served across the street from each other at different times during the day.

Here, restaurants, nightclubs, apartments, villas, hotels, and a host of small businesses all ply their trade happily together.

If you stay or visit The Gap, you can have a meal or snack, go to a bank or ATM, buy souvenirs, play the slot machines, swim in the sea, buy Aloe for the sunburn, and party the night away.

Or maybe have a coffee break, check out the street vendors, or stop for refreshing ice cream as you make your way to watch the sun go down over the Atlantic sea.

In true Barbadian style, million-dollar condos co-exist next door to low-budget hotels as they hug the south coast shores. A large selection of restaurants and bars snuggle between these hotels on both sides of the street and serve a wide selection of delicious dishes from around the world.

West End

The west side of The Gap is more active than the quieter east side. If you want dinner and to party the night away, the west side is the side to visit. You will find a short boardwalk with a few benches where you can sit with a cool drink and watch as the sun dips below the horizon. You could not want more front-row seating than that.

Street vendors ply their trade along the bustling west end of The Gap. Stop and admire beautiful handcrafted jewelry, basket weaving, or unique souvenirs. At night, try sampling some Barbadian street food from popular vendors. You will be joined by many Barbadians who stop by to pick up their dinner or a late-night snack.

East End

The east side of The Gap is quieter, with hotels, condos, apartments, villas, and guesthouses intermingled with private homes. You will notice a more relaxed atmosphere as you stroll to a restaurant and then to a bar or two for a refreshing drink.

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Restaurants and Bars

The choice of where to eat in The Gap is endless! Your best approach to deciding where to eat is to pick a type of cuisine. You will find Mexican, Bajan, Irish, Brazilian, Jamaican, English, Indian, Thai, Italian, American, Chinese, Street Food, and the list. It is a good idea in the season to book a table so as not to be disappointed when you turn up.

Bars in The Gap

You don’t have to look too far for a bar or watering hole in The Gap. Whether you are looking for a quiet drink with friends or a crazy night out, this 1.5 Kilometer stretch has something for you.

In The Gap, there are many bars to choose from. Sit and chat with locals at the Dover Seaside Beach Facilities, or maybe choose a bar with music to soothe the soul. You can even find a coconut vendor or two offering fresh “water” served in the coconut to quench your thirst.

  • Scoopie’s Jazz Bar
  • The Gap Bar
  • Dover Seaside Beach Facilities
  • Daddys Restaurant & Bar
  • Sea Ya Restaurant & Bar
  • Sanddollar Restaurant & Bar
  • Sea Fan Restaurant & Bar
  • Garden Terrace Restaurant & Bar
  • Pure Ocean Beachside Restaurant & Bar
  • Harlequin Restaurant & Bar
  • Tropical Mist Restaurant & Bar
  • Apsara Samura Restaurant & Bar
  • Primo Bar & Bistro
  • Sea Window Bar
  • Castaways Bar & Restaurant
  • Cafe Sol Mexican Restaurant & Bar
  • TJ’S Restaurant & Bar
  • Cocktail Kitchen Restaurant & Bar
  • Crave Restaurant & Bar
  • The Cove Night Club
  • McBride’s Restaurant & Bar
  • Hal’s Carpark Bar
  • Sharkey’s Bar
  • Jan-Frank Cocktail Bar
  • Big Mamas Sports Bar
  • Sharkey’s Tropical Bar
  • Amigos Restaurant & Bar
  • Oriental Restaurant & Bar
  • Ocean 15 Restaurant & Bar
  • Luigis Italiano Ristorante

Hotels, Apartments, and Condos

As with everything in The Gap, where to stay can vary greatly. Choose from self-catering apartments, high-rise condos, fully loaded hotels, or a cozy bed and breakfast to make your stay fantastic.


As the sun goes down on the west side of The Gap, the street starts to come alive. Street vendors set up stalls selling arts and crafts or delicious Barbadian food. There is a bustle at the restaurants, bars, and clubs open, ready to receive their first guests. Later in the night, music and laughter fill the air as people of all ages and from all parts of the world line the streets of St. Lawrence Gap.


The Gap has a wide variety of shops for you to visit. From convenience stores for all your basic needs to fill your kitchen or snack cupboard to souvenirs and crafts for your memories and presents, you will find these and much more.

Beaches in St. Lawrence Gap

Swimming in the sea is a must! Most hotels have beautiful white sandy beaches in front of their property. If you are not staying in the area, you can spend the day at Dover Seaside Beach Facility, where you can access food and drink and many water activities.


See photos of St. Lawrence Gap within our two photo albums in our Adobe Portfolio.

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