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Barbados Hotels

Choosing to stay in top Barbados hotels gives you the peace of mind that everything you may need during your stay in Barbados will be catered for.

You can choose from 3 star Barbados hotels right up to some of the world’s most glamorous 5 star hotels. If you choose a 3 star hotel you will still be guaranteed a good standard of hotel, all offering a private bathroom within your room and a ceiling fan as standard, for an extra fee you may choose a room with air conditioning. Depending on the time of year, a ceiling fan may be all that is required.

If you visit Barbados between November and April, you will find the evenings have a cool breeze and air conditioning would be too cold, this is the best time of year to visit the Caribbean as the days enjoy blue skies and warm sunshine, with refreshingly cool evenings.

If you visit Barbados between May and October you will find the days very hot, with scattered showers as this is the rainy season, and there isn’t the cool breeze of an evening, so air conditioning in your room will make sleeping more comfortable.

With all hotels, you may also choose the type of accommodation package that best suits your needs.

As a family, you can choose from room only and are responsible for all your own meals, you can either eat out or pay as you go for meals in the hotel restaurant. Or maybe you would prefer to stay at a bed and breakfast so at least you know your morning meal is covered. Alternatively you may wish to go half board, which will include bed, breakfast and evening meal. Or you could be full board, which will include bed, breakfast, lunch and evening meal.

And finally you could choose all-inclusive hotels which would include bed, breakfast, lunch, evening meal, all snacks and drinks including alcohol. All-inclusive is a good option when traveling with children as they can eat whenever they like and they can enjoy a real treat of as many drinks as they like!

All hotels come with a swimming pool regardless of how many stars they have and some are located right on the beach.

If relaxation and pampering are your goal on this holiday then you will be spoilt for choice when deciding on your hotel. The majority of hotels have a gym within the complex and provide fitness instructors for personal training and aqua classes.

You will also find that some offer spa facilities, which include his and hers facial treatments, full body massage, body wraps, sunburn wraps, manicures and pedicures. When it comes to massage you may prefer this in the privacy of your own room or enjoy the experience of a lifetime as you listen to the gentle lapping of the waves as you are massaged on the beach.

You will also find that hotels have on site hair salons, which also provide make up services, ideal if you are planning on a tropical wedding.

Barbados is renowned the world over as a first class destination. Therefore as you would expect, we have the ultimate in luxury hotels, where you will be collected by chauffeur from the airport and whisked away to your paradise accommodation. Complete with four poster mahogany bed, marble bathroom to and an ice cold bottle of champagne to sip in your private Jacuzzi.

Check out our accommodation listings for a choice of Barbados hotels that suit all budgets and requirements.