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If you are getting married in Barbados, then choosing the right wedding photographer is one of the most important elements to your wedding in paradise.

Before you even decide the time of your wedding ceremony it is important that you speak to your chosen photographer and work out the photographs that you would like and the timings for the day.

One of the most romantic and beautiful wedding pictures is to have the sunset behind you, and often couples make the mistake of having their wedding in the late afternoon thinking that it will be cooler and therefore perfect for the sunset, however they can then end up missing the sunset.

Therefore you should arrange to have your wedding no later than 4pm if it is a civil ceremony and 3pm if you are having a religious ceremony. It is better to be standing around waiting for sunset than to be rushing through your nuptials and miss this classic wedding shot.

If you are using a wedding planner or co-ordinator then they can recommend a photographer who they have worked with in the past, or if you are having your wedding at a hotel, then speak to the hotel management and find out whom they would recommend. Also ask if the photographer has a web site where you can view their previous work online.

When booking the photographer state quite clearly the photographs that you would like taken. For example would you like the photographer to come to your hotel room in the morning when you are getting ready, perhaps whilst you are having your hair and make up done?
State the time you would like the photographer to arrive for the wedding ceremony, and whether you would like shots of the groom and best man with the person who is marrying you.

Outline if you would like the photographer to take pictures during the ceremony, perhaps of you placing the rings on each other’s fingers and whether you would like shots taken as you both sign the register as husband and wife.

Tell the photographer if you would like photographs of the bride and groom with their parents, if you would like photographs of all of the brides family and all of the grooms family, if you would like photographs of the bridesmaids and whether you would like these pictures taken at the wedding ceremony, on a beach or at the wedding reception.

After the ceremony you may like to go to a particular beach to have the sunset shots and maybe some of the groom carrying the bride out to Sea – a Caribbean version of carrying the bride over the threshold!

One particular beach that is fantastic for sunset shots is Brandon’s Beach on Spring Garden Highway in St. Michael, there is also a bar there so you can have an ice cold drink while you wait for that perfect shot.

If you are holding the reception at a different venue to the ceremony, then ensure the photographer is aware that you would like photographs of you cutting the cake and making speeches and if you would like them to take shots of your guests during the reception.

Another great bonus of having your wedding in Barbados is that the cost is so much cheaper than the UK and the US. A typical wedding photographer in Barbados will charge you $850 BDS to come along for the day, take the photographs that you would like and provide you with an album where you can select 36 prints. They will then give you your selected photographs in a wedding album to take home and treasure of paradise wedding.


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