Detailed Map of Barbados

View our Barbados Interactive Map – simply click on a parish of our map of Barbados, to zoom in and see the places of interest, shopping areas, beaches, churches and major roads.

Hover over these points for names and short descriptions and clicking on certain points will bring up a new page with much more detailed information about the Barbados location and place of interest.

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Or you can also view the Totally Barbados Google Map here, or the various Barbados city maps at the bottom of this page.

Barbados is almost the same shape as a very miniature, upside down replica of the continent of Africa. The land along the South and West coasts is very low-lying, made up of flat, white-sandy beaches bordering the calm Caribbean Sea. Contrary to which is the land along the East and North coasts, which tends to be higher, composed of ragged cliffs and rolling hills against which crashes the Atlantic Ocean.

In the middle of the island we have our one and only mountain, Mount Hillaby, which is at the bottom of the closest thing we have to a mountain range, more of a hill range if you will, that runs directly north from Mount Hillaby, past Farley Hill National Park towards North Point.

Running from the Crane Beach Hotel and the Airport, all the way past Oistins, Bridgetown and continuing on up past Holetown and Speightstown, the land is much flatter making it very easy for both domestic and commercial development. In fact, all of our cities are along this stretch, as well as our port, due to the calm seas and natural bays.

In general, Barbados is not a very geographically harsh island. Between our soft coral stone core, rolling hills and meandering coast line, even Barbados’s geography gives off a calming, relaxed, serene feeling.


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