Top 10 Odd Things to Do

Barbados Top 10 Odd Things to Do

Discover the Unusual in Barbados

Barbados is best known for its beautiful beaches, catamaran cruises, calypso music, and cricket, but what about what are the more unusual things to do in Barbados? See the untapped and unique parts of Barbados with our list of top 10 odd things to do in Barbados.

1. Get a Surfing Lesson

While not an unusual activity, learning to surf is undoubtedly a unique experience. So, why not try your luck at catching a wave while you’re on the island?

There are a variety of surf schools that will take you out into the water and teach you all the basics. Most schools provide wet-suits or rash vests, a surfboard, pick up/drop off, and some will even video your lesson for a lasting memory of your Barbados vacation.

2. Oistins Fish Festival

The annual Oistins Fish Festival is held during the Easter holidays and is a unique thing to do in Barbados.

One of the highlights of the festival (and undoubtedly an odd attraction) is the infamous greasy pole competition. Each year, two teams battle it out to climb to the top of a waxed metal pole and be the first to take out the winner’s title. Worth a look, and remember to take your camera!

3. Ragged Point Lighthouse

An attraction sometimes overlooked in Barbados is the Ragged Point Lighthouse.

Located in the parish of St. Philip, this lighthouse built-in 1875 is considered to mark the most easterly point of the island. Look out into the rugged Atlantic Ocean and enjoy the view from the cliffs above.

4. Swim with the Turtles

The fact that there is hardly anywhere else in the world where you can see these turtles and interact with them in their natural environment is just another thing that makes Barbados very special.

In addition to swimming with the turtles, you can also explore underwater shipwrecks where you can swim and interact with countless other types of fish, which makes for a unique kind of petting zoo in Barbados.

5. Rent a Mini Moke

Another unique and fun way to see the island is via Mini Moke.

A Mini Moke is similar to a convertible beach buggy and usually has no doors or windows so you can cruise the island and catch a great breeze at the same time. Mokes are available to rent island-wide and are a favorite novelty for tourists looking to get into the island way of life.

Rent or Hire a Car in Barbados

6. Deep-Sea Fishing

You can take a ‘deep sea fishing charter’ in Barbados and fish for Mahi Mahi, Tuna, and Barracuda.

There are many fishing charters on the island to choose from, but the best is with Legacy Fishing Charters. Most charter trips include hotel transfers, drinks and snacks, and fishing equipment. If you’ve never fished before, why not try out your rod skills for the first time deep sea fishing in Barbados?

7. Stand-up Paddle Boarding

A must-do ‘odd’ activity to do in Barbados is stand-up paddleboarding.

This physically demanding sport is a great way to see the island and get a great workout at the same time. For those a little more adventurous, why not try stand-up paddleboard yoga? Sessions are available with specific operators on a booking schedule, so book your lesson today!

8. Watch a Movie at the Drive-In

Have you ever watched a movie on a giant outdoor screen? Take the entire family and view the latest Hollywood films, within your car at the Barbados Drive-In.

To have a more family atmosphere, you can get to the drive-in early (an hour before) and park in the front row and pull out the fold-away chairs and make a fun experience for the kids. Less expensive than the cinemas and sometimes you get two movies for the same price!

9. Go to a Local Market

Visiting a local market in Barbados is an experience in itself – you’re bound to meet lots of exotic locals and probably make some friends along the way.

Aside from the farmers’ markers, a tourist favorite, there are other local food produce markets dotted all over the island. A broader such market is Cheapside Market, but you can visit any local street vendor for a unique insight into the Bajan culture.

10. Visit the Nidhe Israel Synagogue

Built-in the 1700s, the Nidhe Israel Synagogue is the oldest in the western hemisphere and is the only synagogue in Bridgetown. The building belongs to the Barbados National Trust and also houses UNESCO protected ‘Mikvah’ (a Jewish ritual bath).

Next door to the Synagogue is the Nidhe Israel Museum, which takes a look back at Jewish history in Barbados – indeed something different for you to see and experience during your time on the island.

Want to know more?

Check out our events calendar to see what’s on in Barbados. With plenty of things to do, including those unusual things, you may not have thought of doing. The events calendar is updated five days a week.

By: Brett Callaghan

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