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The Fun Starts Right Here ...

There's no doubt about it, Barbados is a fun place. There's always something going on, you just have to know where to look!

Our Totally Barbados Fun Guide will show you how to get the most fun out of your time on the island and ensure you don't miss out on any of the action.

Whether you're a nature lover, night owl or a culture vulture, we guarantee there'll be something for you to enjoy in Barbados.

Simply click through the links below for a full explanation of each activity as well as our Totally Barbados recommendations and local insider tips for fun things to do.

We update our descriptions regularly, but you're best option for news on the latest island happenings is our Totally Barbados events calendar, which is jam-packed full of all the upcoming events and nights out in Barbados.

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And, we've made it even easier for you. You can find out what's happening in Barbados at any given time on your mobile phone, iPhone, iPod or iPad. Simply visit the iTunes Store and download the "BarbadosToDo Mobile Events Calendar App for Barbados" by Brecal Inc / Totally Barbados and you're good to go!

BarbadosToDo Mobile Events Calendar App

Barbados To Do Mobile Events Calendar App

Get more for your money with Totally Barbados!

If you book through Totally Barbados, you can receive discounts on some of the fun events listed on our events calendar.

At A Glance ...

-- Top 10 Totally Barbados things to do
-- Top 10 Totally Barbados places to see
-- Things Bajan Enjoy Doing on the Weekend
-- Sightseeing in Barbados
-- Events - including festivals, sporting events and exhibitions
-- Barbados Nightlife - live music, comedy nights, shows, bars and clubs
-- Barbados Restaurants and cafes
-- Barbados Beaches
-- Barbados Sailing
-- Barbados Sports
-- Shopping in Barbados
-- Barbados Movie and cinema guide

Explore the Sights of Barbados

Although Barbados is a small island, there's still plenty of sights to see. Each parish has its own different character, charm, and attractions so be sure to read through our Sightseeing Guide so you don't miss a thing!

-- Top 10 Places to See in Barbados
-- Tour Barbados
-- Tour Barbados Central 
-- Tour Barbados East 
-- Tour Barbados North 
-- Tour Barbados South 
-- Tour Barbados South East 
-- Tour Operators 
-- Tourist Attractions 
-- Tourist Attractions East Coast 
-- Tourist Attractions Inland 
-- Tourist Attractions Map 
-- Tourist Attractions North Coast 
-- Tourist Attractions South Coast 
-- Tourist Attractions West Coast 

Tour Barbados

With picture-perfect beaches, sugar cane plantations and magical caves, touring the island with its varied and beautiful landscape is not to be missed.

Touring Barbados is simple and there are many ways you can explore.

Hire a 4x4 off-road vehicle, book a seat on a coach tour, or see the island from the water on a catamaran.

Click on the links below for our hot tips, recommended companies and attractions, as well as interactive maps, to help you get the most fun out of your time in Barbados.

-- Tourist Attractions
-- Tour Guides
-- Barbados Interactive Map
-- Getting around Barbados
-- Car Hire
-- Bus Tours
-- Taxi Operators
-- Barbados Limos
-- Barbados Tour Operators

Barbados Events

Our Totally Barbados Events Calendar is your one stop shop to finding out what's happening on the island.

From festivals, sporting events, museums and art exhibitions, to the hippest places to head after dark, we've got it all right here at the click of your fingers.

Barbados Nightlife

If you like a good party, check out our Barbados Entertainment and Nightlife Guide. You'll find all you need to know about the latest parties and events taking place in Barbados, and if you're wondering what to do on a specific night of the week, we've also got a Weekly Nightlife Guide.

Choose from spectacular dinner and dance shows with fire-eaters and stilt walkers, pumping club nights showcasing live reggae, soca and house DJs, and so much more.

Check out the links below to get your island party started!

-- Bars and Lounges
-- Comedy
-- Live Music
-- Barbados Shows

Barbados Nightlife Places of Interest

-- St Lawrence Gap Nightlife
-- 1st and 2nd Street Holetown Nightlife
-- Barbados South Coast Nightlife
-- Barbados West Coast Nightlife

Barbados Restaurants and Cafes

One of the things locals can really boast about is Barbados' high standard of restaurants. There are so many wonderful places to eat island-wide, some well-known, some more grassroots and 'off the beaten track'.

Barbados' restaurants offer something to suit every taste and budget. Take for example the stunning beachfront and fine dining restaurant - Champers Restaurant and Wine Bar.

To find out about all the wonderful places you can go to eat in Barbados you can refer to our Barbados Restaurant guide.

And the best part, is that some of the restaurants featured on Totally Barbados even offer special discounts if you book through our website.

View Restaurant and dining options in Barbados

-- by type
-- by location
-- by parish
-- by cuisine

Hint: Our top tip is Oistin's Friday Fish Fry on Fridays, - it's cheap, cheerful and a true Bajan Totally Barbados experience!. The best fresh fish you'll ever eat!

Barbados Beaches

Barbados is blessed with miles of pristine beaches, just ready for you to head out and discover. There is nothing better than sinking your toes into the soft, white sand or floating on the clear, blue sea.

Barbados' beaches cater for everyone, from the surfer's favourite East Coast to the picturesque, calmer waters of the Barbados West Coast.

To find out where the best of Barbados's beaches are, visit our Barbados beaches guide. Here, you'll get information about the surrounding amenities, swimming conditions, and beach access points, so you arrive prepared and ready for a great day out without a worry in the world.

Our comprehensive beach guide not only directs you to the best beaches in Barbados, but it also tells you what amenities are available at the beach, provides you with information about the swimming conditions, and tells you where you can find the beach access points.

This gives you the chance to arrive in the know, with any worries you might have had completely washed away.

-- South Coast Beaches
-- West Coast Beaches
-- East Coast Beaches
-- North Coast Beaches

Barbados Sailing

You'll only see half the picture if you just see this blessed little island from land. Sailing on a catamaran is a 'must do' fun activity for the whole family. Tours usually sail along the west coast of the island, leaving from Bridgetown.

Most catamaran packages include a lunch stop as well as an open bar, and you can take in sights such as beach turtles and activities such as snorkeling and diving among ship wrecks.

Click here for information on Barbados sailing cruise companies.

Barbados Sports

Barbados is teeming with sporting activity. We are blessed with world class golf courses and horse polo pitches. Not to mention, the world famous surfing Mecca 'Soup Bowl', and of course the rally racing and horse racing!

It goes without saying, Bajans love their sports. So, if you too love sports, check out our Totally Barbados sports guide - you'll get all you need to know about World Cup Golf, World Cup Cricket, car racing, fishing, horse racing, polo, scuba diving, water skiing, water sports, wind and kite surfing, and so much more.

Barbados Shopping

The shopping of Barbados is as varied as the beautiful, wide ranging countryside.

Barbados is really a place where you can shop 'til you drop!

From high end designer brands, to duty free, to local arts and crafts, there really is something to suit all.

Our Barbados Shopping Guide groups shops not only by product, but also by the type of shop, just to make it that little bit easier for you.

So whether you're most at home visiting chic boutiques or exploring big department stores, buying art or confectionary, there's a place for you.

Happy shopping!

Barbados Movie and Cinema Guide

Want a bit of time out of real life? There are a few cinemas on the island showing all the latest films and documentaries. There's also a drive-in for those wanting something a little more adventurous. For more information, including ticket prices and session times, check out our Cinema Guide.


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