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Featured Places

Surfer Cafe Barbados

Surfers Cafe

Surfer’s Cafe, situated on the sunlit southern shores of Barbados, is known for its rustic and relaxed ambiance and fabulous food but equally for the genuine warmth which resonates with our staff....

Tiki Bar

Tiki Bar – Home of the Rum Heads offers sixty-eight house cocktails and oceanfront dining at the beach bar in Barbados. Rent a beach chair and enjoy WiFi access right on Accra...

Recommended Places

Harbour Lights Night Club and Dinner Show

Set on the pristine Carlisle Bay, Harbour Lights is a Beach Club by day and features a Night Club and Dinnershow by night. It’s where beach loungers, turtle snorkeling tours and seaside...

Carib Beach Bar and Restaurant

Located in: Christ Church, South Coast

Coconutz Bar

Located in: St. James, West Coast

Pirates Cove (Permanently Closed)

Located in: St. Michael, South-West Coast