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Why Become a Premium Member?

Since September 1st, 2005 (14 years ago) consumers located in Barbados and worldwide come to our award-winning website for inspiration, trusted advice, and to research, plan and make purchase decisions.

Whether you have a great website or none at all, Totally Barbados offers opportunities for businesses in Barbados to connect with millions of visitors from around the world.

Having a presence and profile page on Totally Barbados opens the door for you to grow your business, to over 36 thousand unique monthly visitors and over 350,000 users who are specifically interested in Barbados (based on actual stats for 12 months May 1st, 2018 – April 30th, 2019).

Totally Barbados is an essential resource since 2005 and plays a vital role in promoting tourism to locals, visitors, and travelers, which is especially beneficial in a highly competitive tourism market.

By listing your business, products, and services with Totally Barbados, you will reach locals and travelers before they arrive in Barbados, by integrating your brand with the Totally Barbados Island Guide across online, social, and mobile channels.

There are SEVEN main ways to grow with us, all explained below.

1. Claim Your Business and Get a Premium Profile page
2. Photo Ad Spots
3. Social Media Posts our Social Networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn)
4. Sponsored review of your products and services
5. Hire us to go on a press/media trip, utilize your tour/travel services and products, and provide a full recap and review.

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How to Get Started with Totally Barbados

We encourage you to claim your business and become a Premium Member on Totally Barbados (#1). You will then be able to control the management of your companies profile page so that you can offer attractive and updated information to our visitors. See our recommended members and their profile pages as examples of how we can make your page work for you 365 days a year.

Once we have created your premium profile page with signature photo and with a description about your products and services (up to 500 words), you will want to drive traffic to your Totally Barbados profile page with Photo Ad Spots. Each photo you see on these and other pages of our website are photo ad spots:

— Accommodation:
— Car Rental Guide:
— Shopping:
— Attractions:

All Photo ad spots will be titled after each company name and link directly to your profile page on Totally Barbados dot com.

All custom packages are for a 12-month duration depending on how many pages (photo ad spots) you wish to advertise on, can go up in increments of BBD 200 per page (5 to 10 recommended and even more for optimal results). Like a magazine, the more pages you are on, the more exposure you are likely to attract.

If you would like more information about “how” our profile pages and photo ad spots can help your company, be sure to contact us.

We can speak with you over the phone (+1 (246) 572-2420 Ext. 2), Skype or meet with you face-to-face to go over everything and answer any questions you have.

Our goal is to work with you over the 12 months to build a strategy that will be productive in increasing your business in the coming years.

Totally Barbados Premium Membership allows you to feature your business when and where consumers search for a company like yours.

For more information contact us today or learn more about our terms and conditions for Premium Members.

What is a Premium Profile page?

Since September 1st, 2005 (14 years ago) consumers located in Barbados and worldwide come to our award-winning website for inspiration, trusted advice, and to research, plan and make purchase decisions.

Click to view Google Analytics Totally Barbados 2019 vs 2018 comparison report.

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Totally Barbados offers media opportunities to connect with millions of Barbados visitors and locals from around the world. To learn more about premium membership and digital advertising with be sure to view the Barbados presentation below and contact us.

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