Hotel PomMarine

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Discover Hotel Pommarine: Barbados’ Premier Hospitality Experience!

The Hotel PomMarine is the heart of the Hospitality Institute of the Barbados Community College, offering superb service by young students in training.

Embark on an Unforgettable Journey

In the heart of the Caribbean lies a gem that brilliantly marries academic brilliance with luxurious comfort – The Hotel Pommarine in Barbados. Proudly standing as the flagship hotel of The Barbados Community College Hospitality Institute (BCCHI), it promises both a lavish escape and an enlightening immersion into the world of hospitality.

Hotel Pommarine’s enviable location on Barbados’ southern coast ensures every morning starts with the soothing sound of waves and a canvas of azure hues.

A Culinary Voyage – The Golden Apple and Muscovado restaurants at the hotel tantalize your palate with exquisite dishes. Trained under the vigilant eyes of industry professionals at BCCHI, our chefs masterfully weave local flavors with international techniques, delivering a dining experience that’s both familiar and novel.

Rest & Rejuvenate – Each meticulously crafted room is a cocoon of comfort where traditional Bajan aesthetics meet contemporary luxuries. Whether you’re gazing at the expansive ocean or sinking into our plush bedding, relaxation is a given.

Dive into the World of Hospitality – Being intertwined with The BCC Hospitality Institute, guests at Hotel Pommarine get a unique window into the intricate world of hospitality. Observe, interact, and perhaps even kindle a newfound passion as you witness the seamless blend of theory and practice at our state-of-the-art campus.

Wellness Beyond the Ordinary – We champion your holistic well-being beyond tangible luxuries. From spa sessions that echo the island’s tranquility to invigorating fitness regimes, every moment is a step towards rejuvenation.

Experience Barbados Like Never Before – Our adept concierge team curates excursions that let you delve deep into Barbados’ rich culture, natural beauty, and history. Every journey outside the hotel is a story waiting to be discovered.

Nature’s Steward – At the Hotel Pommarine, we cherish the land we’re built upon. With sustainable practices embedded into our operations, we ensure our splendor has a minimal footprint.

Why is Hotel Pommarine Unparalleled?

  • Direct insights into The Hospitality Institute’s robust programs.
  • Gastronomic wonders at our signature restaurants.
  • A blend of leisure and academic exploration.

Founded in 1997, The BCC Hospitality Institute has etched its mark as the Caribbean’s premier institution, dedicated to molding the future stars of hospitality and tourism. With a spectrum of programs, from Culinary Arts to Tourism and Travel, every course is a passport to global opportunities.

Situated in Marine Gardens, Christ Church, the BCCHI doesn’t just teach; it shapes futures. At its heart, Hotel Pommarine stands as a testament to this excellence, welcoming guests to relish the best of Barbadian hospitality and much more.

Your journey begins here. Dive into the magic of Barbados only at Hotel Pommarine.

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