National Initiative for Service Excellence (NISE) Inc.

The National Initiative for Service Excellence (NISE) Inc. was established in 2005 by the Social Partners (the Trade Unions, the Private Sector, and Government) for the people of Barbados.

NISE is at the forefront of a nationwide effort to help Barbados consistently deliver service excellence and be recognized internationally for this.

In this way, an enabling environment will be created within which Barbados will be able to attain its vision of being a developed country by 2025.

In the last 20 years, Barbados has transitioned from an agricultural-based economy to one where over 90% of the foreign exchange and over 85% of employment is derived from service industries, led by travel and tourism.

The Social Partners recognized that the delivery of service would be critical to the continued and sustained growth in the Barbadian economy and that the attainment of world-class excellence in both the quality of service and delivery of products was imperative.

To this end, NISE was created to serve as the lead agency to guide and manage this transformation process, raise the quality of service provided and to allow Barbados to compete effectively at the world-class level.

NISE is therefore viewed as one of the most important organizations assisting Barbados in creating a national culture of service excellence, seeking to mobilize what is best in the Barbadian character and values and channel these into the improvement of service to each other, customers and visitors to its shores.

With a mission to promote and facilitate the achievement of sustainable excellence within organizations and to assist individuals in developing excellence as an ethic, NISE nurtures the ethic and practice of world-class service excellence as a key catalyst of national economic prosperity through these six supporting service transformation strategies:

1. Training & Development
2. Leadership For Change
3. Measurement and Benchmarking
4. Standards and Certification
5. Business Process Re-Engineering and
6. Recognition Of Excellence

Led by the Chief Executive Officer Ms. Kim Tudor, NISE’s programming strategy is being undertaken through a three-stage approach to national service excellence development:

Phase I: Building Excellence the Barbadian Way,
Phase II: Sustaining Excellence,
Phase III: Recognised for Excellence.

NISE’s current programmes include: 

Training and Development

– Open Enrollment Customer Service Training
– NISE 100 Improvements in 100 Days
– In-house Consultancy Training
– Sector-specific programmes e.g. Team Barbados Host for tourism frontline workers
– Taking Personal Responsibility for Service Excellence Workshop
– Mystery Shopping

Leadership Development

– Service Leadership Bench-marking Study Tour
– Leadership Conferences

Youth Development

– Orientation To Work Programme for school leavers and new entrants to the world of work.
– Budding Excellence Programme for primary school students
– NISE VIBES Programme
– Live Excellence, a valued based campaign targeting adults and youth

A 15-year target has been established as the acceptable minimum time period for the type of paradigm change necessary for an ethos of service excellence to develop.

A nine (9) member Board of Directors was established comprising three representatives of each arm of the Social Partnership, providing the structure to ensure that critical policies, influence, and networks are available to execute the strategic plan and activities.

Representing the Government of Barbados:

– Sir Keith Hunte – Chairman
– Senator Patrick Todd
– Dr. Jeannine Comma

Representing the Congress of Trade Unions and Staff Associations of Barbados:

– Mr. Cedric Murrell
– Mrs. Marguerite Cummins-Williams
– Mr. Dennis de Peiza

Representing the Barbados Private Sector Association:

– Mr. Alex McDonald
– Mr. David Neilands
– Mr. Glyne Harrison

Our partners include local organizations such as the Productivity Council and the Office of Public Sector Reform, private sector companies and organizations, educational institutions such as the University of the West Indies (UWI) and regional institutions such as the Caribbean Tourism Organisation (CTO).

Key Contacts 

– Chief Executive Officer: Kim Tudor
– Office Manager: Alicia Codrington
– Client Service Advisor – Customer Service: Tracey Austin

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Located in Warrens, St. Michael, South Coast
Phone: +1 (246) 535-5930

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